Welcome Ben!

Originally posted 2015-09-02 09:05:21.

Hello out there!

I’ve been admiring this blog for a while now, and I’m very happy to now have the opportunity to contribute occasionally. I’ve recently (somewhat selfishly) begun to attempt to get my daughter interested in the things that I like, at her young, impressionable age. It’s given me the opportunity to catch up on some fun material that I’ve missed, and to reflect on how different things are than when I was growing up (did you ever notice half of All Dogs Go to Heaven takes place in a bar, with tons of drinking, smoking, and gambling?!?). Anyway, I’m glad to have an outlet to share some of my thoughts with you, and I hope you’ll find my input worthwhile.

A little about myself: I am lucky to have found a smart and beautiful wife who will put up with my extreme stubbornness. We have a two-year-old bundle of energy who is a blast to be around (most of the time!–she shares my stubborn streak). Going back ‘a ways,’ I graduated from Westminster College with a B.S. in Business¬†Administration and a minor concentration in Writing. I went on to get a Juris Doctor from Duquesne, and currently work as an attorney in Pittsburgh.