Week 10 in Review – Sera’s #100days of Fitness

Originally posted 2015-08-18 12:55:30.

This “being healthy” thing is fun.
I have found a sense of calm within myself, and the background noise of the past in my rear view mirror is fading and dimming and well, finally becoming more distant as seconds become days, become months.

I have people!!! CRUNCH - no judgment

I have people!!!
CRUNCH – no judgment

On my way home from the gym yesterday morning, I passed three women who were all wearing the same t-shirt as me. We shared an approving smile, and a courteous nod. And I stepped a little taller, and sashayed even. I have people. WHOOHOO!!! I’m a part of something! We don’t know one another. We didn’t even speak to one another. We just acknowledged and moved on.

This gave me a sense of camaraderie, not to mention an overwhelming source of pride.

I’m not doing anything monumental for the world, I know, but I am doing something astronomically phenomenally wonderful for myself. I guess for those around me as well, as they are reaping the benefits of the Happypixie.

I can feel curves creeping through the areas on my body, and I’m noticing things like my posture feeling stronger, and uprighteristic, and (whispers this part, so as not to scare them) I have muscles again. Shhhhh… I don’t want to make them run away and hide. I want to coax them out and have them stick around. They are fun.

My trainer, I’ll call her GR, is delighted at the changes I’ve made in a month.



So, for those who recall back to Week #1, I had guessed my weight was at least 315-320 – though I’m assuming it was probably even heavier than that while I was in Halifax, hibernating. I will say that it’s been over 20 years (aside from about 2 months in 1996 when I was living off of one large bag of puffed rice and was starving to death slowly), that I have been even close to the 300lb mark.

shhhhh, Sera, you're safe now.

shhhhh, Sera, you’re safe now.

(But that  ^^ was a long time ago, and so much has changed since then.)

I got weighed for the first time since seeing my family doctor last year before I left Winnipeg for good (read: forever!) on July 16th. Yup, way back on day 48. I am a good lil’ secret keeper, eh? Well, I am delighted to report that July 16th, 2015, I was 301lb.

This might not be something that everyone would be so incredibly happy with, but if you recall, I was over 400lb at one point. That was 12 years ago, though I’m pretty sure that I was close to that again while I was in Halifax.

Since July 16th, exactly ONE month since I first got weighed by GR, I am BEYOND THE MOON happy to report that I am BELOW 300 for the first time in my adult life.

*cry cry cry*

*cry cry cry*

And now I’m crying again.

Stupid, silly, Happypixie tears. The hubs is laying here next to me, reading a 1938 British Naval Military Training Manual – because he’s every level of cool and finds interests in all sorts of unique areas. One of the best things about him is his desire to learn more. Ever the sapiosexual creature I am, I love my brain boy. Sorry; had to divert myself from myself for a moment to catch my breath.

I’m SO freakin’ proud of myself.

I think she's my favourite mlp.

I think she’s my favourite mlp.

In the last month, I’ve gone from 301lb to (currently) 296.5lb. And I’m not done yet.

*Hubs gave me his quizzical “are you okay dear?” look, to which I chuckled and responded with yes, my writing tends to have a cathartic effect on me. He smiled cordially, and went back to his reading.*

I’m never going to be a size 2. I’m very much alright with that fact. I would however be very content to be roughly 50-75lb lighter though, but toned, and muscled in the right places. Well, I realise the muscle has always been there, just in nano-sized form. That’s what’s changing for me, and soon it will be about getting this body into the right movement and rhythm that I can do even more for longer and in an easier way.

I think when all of this is “done” settling, I’ll be more pear-shaped, which I think I’ll be able to accept very easily.

I used to play baseball, volleyball, do cross-country running, and field events – I was exceptional at discus and shot-putt and javelin and the short dashes, but NOTHING that required jumping.

I am way too clumsy for that, and that hop/skip/jump thing never made sense to me. Yes, I can write it, and I can even explain it to others… but when I would try to do it myself, it would be easier to blindfold me and get me to macrame a ceramic pot of fresh sunflowers for you with only by pinkies and baby toes than actually figure out how to not land with my mouth full of dirt and my glasses cracked… oh how I wish I was joking at this… but please, for the love of the stars, don’t make me do this!!

{Side note: I always wanted to do pole vault, or even do the high-jump successfully even once. Alas; I will never be confused with a hurdler.}

I'm not even this graceful.

I’m not even this graceful.

I am seriously proud of my efforts, as I am with several of my friends who are on their own journeys now to a healthier life. My sweet Pingpingping and Luloo and Lady Ash and, and… well, I can

good teamgo on listing for awhile now, but suffice to say, these women are empowering me every day with their confidence, their determination, and their fortitude. They tell me I am inspiring them. I think we’re doing it for one another. I see their healthy move, and I want to reciprocate with my own leap forward of goodness. It’s not a competition: it’s motivation and drive to be better than yesterday’s versions of ourselves, making sure tomorrow IS better because of what we do today.

I am going to pick up Ping’s 50day reward tomorrow (stars, please let this be good and not a mess and hopefully it’s perfect and it makes her smile!), and I’m making a decision this week. It’s a pretty hefty one, as it’s something I was really set on having for a long time: my dreads. They were so damaged when I was in Halifax, and they are a mess. My hair is growing in so much healthier now, and I need to decide if I’m going to scrap these and cut it all off, to start again, or if I’m going to put up with these and hope they start to look better soon. I think I have already pretty much made my decision, but I’m kind of choked, because I really DO love my dreads. *sighs heavily* I think I just talked myself into the decision after all; didn’t I? Guess I’m going to pick up some hot oil treatment today near home and I’ll be soaking these out of my head for the rest of today.

I just talked to the hubs. I get so worried about how others will see me, that I didn’t stop to consider how I would feel about it myself. “Whatever you like dear,” he said. “But it will be really short,” I said. “And… your hair will grow. They’re your dreads, you need to be happy with them. If you’re not, then they need to go.”

So it looks like I’m going to see if there’s a shop open that has some treatment for my hair, and the cute boy is going to help cut out the dead parts of my dreaded dreads.

This week’s reward is kind of belated in a way. I bought a bathing suit a year ago, thinking I would be bathing suitable to fit into it “soon.” Well, I decided to try it on {again} for the first time in over 6 months. The last time, it didn’t even get past my thighs. This time, not only did I get it on, I can wear it comfortably. It’s snug, but I could go swimming in it in public without shame or worry that I’d bust a seam. (and yes, it honestly is starting to do that “hourglass” shape thing on me, and I got a “OOH, VERY NICE!” from the hubs)

It’s a size 18. It has an inner liner that has tummy control and a shelf bra – and the “girls” are going to end up being too small for that if they don’t slow down in their escape from my body. I want to be a size 12-14 I think. That will be a suitable “booty & boobs” shape that I will enjoy seeing in the mirror.

I guess my other reward is going to be that I am doing my dreads, and I’m going to end up having to get a proper haircut this week. It will be my first haircut in over… well close to 2 years.

Maybe I’ll splurge and get my hair dyed as well. Something fun. Leave some suggestions in the comments below! 😉

Have a delightful week everyone. Just keep taking ten more steps.

Oh, and just to show you just how far I’ve come (so far)… This is what a difference a year makes when you want to change your life:

August 17th, 2014                                                           August 16th, 2015

duckface and the peace sign - sent this to Ping for a giggle - look at these sad dreads! They gotta go!!!

duckface and the peace sign – sent this to Ping for a giggle – look at these sad dreads! They gotta go!!!

a year ago tomorrow - the background was way too bright, so I dimmed it.

a year ago tomorrow – the background was way too bright, so I dimmed it.






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