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Title: Trust

Author: David Moody

Published: July 23rd, 2012 by Infected Books

Pages: 298

Genre: Sci-Fi, Apocolyptic

Kid Friendly Rating: 4/10, but I would certainly say 8/10 for ages 16 and up. The limited sexuality in the story is the only thing that does not allow me to rate this higher for “kids” below 16.


Over the years I have been fortunate enough to read many of David Moody’s books, including the Autumn series and the Hater series. Anyone that is truly a fan of horror or apocalyptic novels has at least heard of the previously mentioned titles. If you haven’t read them then cry yourself to sleep tonight, and first thing tomorrow do yourself a favor and buy them.

Anyways, Trust, is another novel written by David Moody. The book is slow to start, which seems to be the style that Mr Moody likes to apply. While I am not averse to this, I did find it caused the book to be somewhat dry in the beginning. The thing is that if you start out with action and horror at 10 out of 10 from the moment you read the first sentence then you are simply setting yourself up for failure. With David Moody’s books you find that you are in the doldrums of everyday life that every single person feels and there are hard working ,family oriented individual experiences. The fact of the matter is that style allows one to be pulled directly into the story itself. You truly feel as you read Trust, that you are being thrust into a world where suddenly aliens from thousands of light years away have shown up to interrupt you are 9 to 5 workday in their derelict spaceship and set the world reeling.

The story centers around the main character Tom Winter and his suspicions after of an alien race from beyond our Solar System appears in his homeland of Great Britain. Tom believes that the aliens are up to no good though, and he makes no real attempt to hide it.

As time progresses the aliens provide we meager humans with advanced medicines and sciences that will launch us easily into the next century. But perhaps things are simply too good to be true. Perhaps Tom is right and the aliens have their own darker agendas…

The fact of the matter is if a truly superior alien race has found a way to traverse the galaxy and arrive on our doorstep, what is stopping them from obliterating us? What is stopping them from doing what we Americans did to the Native Americans shortly after Columbus found the Caribbean islands? The answers to those questions are nothing. Nothing at all. Sure we may have guns and they might be pretty big but even a massive ordnance air burst weapon is truly limited if it is being used against a species that has technologies surpassing even the brightest imaginations of the native inhabitants of Earth.

In this world, the one not influenced by Hollywood and movies, there is no Will Smith to save us… No Jeff Goldblum to corrupt the files of the mothership… There is only the weak being harvested by the strong.

Final Thoughts:  Having become a fan of David moody some years ago I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Due to sexual situations I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under 16 years of age, but I do believe that it is a good story for maybe even anyone in high school simply based off the fact that this puts humans in our place. Truly, if an advanced race where to find us and they decided that they wanted what we have, how would we ever defend ourselves? Are we really foolish enough to believe that the best of our technologies, spaceships that have only gone as far as the Moon, help us to stand any chance against something that has traveled across galaxies?

I believe that any parent that is a fan of science fiction or apocalyptic fiction will truly enjoy this story. As I said before, David Moody has an ability to pull you into the daily life of another human being and make you feel as if you are there, living and perhaps even suffering alongside the characters.

Do yourself a favor and pick this book up at your local bookstore…or on…or on your Kindle…or wherever else you can (e.g. there is no reason you can’t) because it is absolutely awesome.

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