Jump Back July

Originally posted 2015-07-03 17:07:02.

This month I have decided to play some older games. I figured July was as good a month as any, that is until Blizzard decided to release 6.2 and a new map for HotS (Heroes of the Storm).  Regardless I am sticking to my guns and am going to be playing Portal, Final Fantasy 7, Borderlands, Fallout 3, Game of the Month (whatever that turns out to be), and last but not least Mass Effect. All these games are ones that I have played very little of except for Final Fantasy 7 which I played the wheels off of back when I was a young buck.   I am looking forward to these games as  I think each one of them has defined their respective genres.

Final Fantasy 7 is by far my favorite of all the FF series the only one that comes close for me is the first.  Mass Effect was a huge hit and obviously spawned multiple expansions and sequels.  Portal….enough said.  Borderlands took FPS and RPG elements and a whole mega ton of guns and mashed them in a masher, put cell shading on it and made a gold mine.  Fallout 3…..uh do I really need to explain why this game is on there.  Hopefully one month is enough to get my fix of these older but wonderful games that have shaped and molded the gaming industry for the better.  Feel free to join me, as I will be streaming these games when I play them and hopefully you all can get that nostalgic feeling and join me in Jump Back July.

Follow me @elfueygo and keep an eye out for streaming updates.  Lets play some games.

-Keep Calm and Game On-