Aw man, not that guy!

Originally posted 2015-09-29 11:45:46.

Who am I?  What am I doing here?  Nah, this isn’t the place for that existential crap.  Well, not yet at least.

Who am I? I’m Erik Fry.  I have been a roleplaying gamer for going on twenty-eight years, having cut my teeth on the Moldvay BECMI Basic D&D game.  I’ve played pretty much every genre and mechanic there is out there, from FATE to GURPS, Palladium to d20, and back again.

I am also a literature geek.  I got my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, with a focus on Language and Literacy, in 2013 from Slippery Rock University, and will be returning there in the Fall of 2016 to attain my Master’s Degree in English.  I am currently working on a general thesis regarding Urban Fantasy and what really makes it tick.

To list the number of folks that I have met and know because of gaming would take far too long.  From a massive (10+ regular players) World of Darkness Game, to playing one ongoing character for 13 years now in a fantasy game, I have met a ton of players and GMs, and rarely have I met one I couldn’t stand.

What am I doing here?  Well, the maestro of this site is a friend I have known for a very long time, and when the call went out for collaborators, I couldn’t say no.  I mean, she was giving me my own soapbox to get up on once a month, at least, and run my mouth!  How could I say no?!  They’re giving me air time!

Seriously, though, I run a sporadic as hell blog (Dear God, What Have We Wrought?) which is full of my commentary on all sorts of things (Language warning!  I don’t filter myself there!) from education and literature, to gaming and so on.  I make tons of homebrew stuff for games (my current favorite is fifth edition), and just started down the path of married life.  Generally, I am kind of a dilettante and I hope that what I have to say here encourages you to check new things out, try new authors, even try some of the recipes I post from time to time.