Alex by Adam J. Nicolai

Ian Colmes is struggling to move on with his life following the brutal abduction and murder of his five-year-old son, Alex. Ian can’t seem to pull it together – he has trouble getting to work on time, his wife, Alina, has left him, and he keeps seeing his dead son throughout his empty house. Sure that he is losing his mind, Ian attempts to ignore Alex, but as more time passes, Ian begins to think that Alex is trying to tell him something. Ian becomes obsessed with decoding the boy’s cryptic messages, and the more he digs, the more he uncovers about the truth behind Alex’s abduction.


My one complaint is that first-time author Nicolai should have put out the cash for a good editor. Typos aside, Alex is a compelling novel that literally kept me on the edge of my seat. I spent every free moment I had reading this book, and although it was sappy and clichéd at times, it was equally heart wrenching and genuine. I wouldn’t call it very original in that it relates the typical story of a ghost that comes back to deal with unfinished business, but I do like that this ghost is only five years old and therefore limited in his capacity to relate concrete details to his father. Nevertheless, Alex is a quick and worthwhile read that does not disappoint.

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