52 Shades of Fitness – When the Pants get a Little Tight

Originally posted 2015-09-25 11:45:57.

We all know the feeling. One day we wake up after a few nights of tacos and fast food and realise that all the new pants we bought are getting a little bit tight. Not too tight where you cannot wear them, but tight enough to feel like a little sausage. But you wear them any way because, well you already had them ready and if you need to change pants then you will need to change your shirt and you are already 15 minutes late. So you slug out the door with your almost too tight pants on and think, today is the day that I go back on my diet.


Today was that day for me. I wanted to dress up a bit today and threw on my nice pants, which were snug to say the least and I just instantly was upset. I must admit that I have been slacking lately.  For a while I was doing awesome and was in the best shape since before children! After dieting HARD for 5 months, we went on vacation and I took a break and I remembered how much I liked food and the slacking started. What was one week of slacking, turned into a month, which turned into 4 months. Ouch…


So today is the day, the day where I start to eat healthier, and watch my calories. I have done well for breakfast just eating some rice cakes and peanut butter, but it is lunch and dinner that I always have issues with. Plus I have some snacks, yummy, delicious snacks that I will have to get rid of (by eating of course), I do not want them to go bad! Friday is normally my cheat day, which of course will bleed into the weekend with the vague goal that Monday will be a brand new diet day! I believe that is the hardest part, getting the motivation to start up the diet again. But this time I can and will do it. I will reach my goal!


How many of you have had this happen? Have you ever had to try to find the motivation to restart your diet? How did you find the Willpower?


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