#100days v2.0 W2 – Battle of the Protein Bars

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I got to sleep in this morning for an extra hour. We had to buy a duvet during the week, as it turned bitterly cold, thanks to the pre-storm to Hurricane Joaquin. The cold weather affects the hubs intensely now, since his chemotherapy and oxaliplatin (the cancer meds that made him look like an Ood) gave him a neuropathy-like sensation in his extremities. He’s using gloves already when he goes for his runs, and it’s not even close to freezing temps yet. He might end up having to endure the gym with me if it gets too cold outside for him to do his bi-daily runs. nia and kaylee oct 3 2015

This duvet is a hit. It is seriously one of the nicest additions to our life. Yesterday (Saturday, Oct. 4), after the gym, market, pharmacy, home to clean veggies, make breakfast and wash dishes (our regular-ish routine now), the cute boy, our two furgirls, and I crashed out on the duvet for a lazy afternoon of rainy day conversation and videos for Kaylee. Nia can’t be bothered with mere mortal things, as she is the supreme ruler of all things and was busy doing cat business by sleeping as much of the day away as possible.

relaxIt truly was the best way to end this second week, as it seemed to cap it off perfectly. I did have “pointy edges” moments this past week, but they are quickly becoming less and fewer and further apart. I think I know why I had those moments though, and I’m fully owning up to this.

I bought some protein bars before I started this round of #100days, thinking I’m stepping up my activity, so I’d need to increase my protein level as well… well, I should have just made myself a hard boiled egg to munch on first thing in the morning (I think I will grab some today so I can do just that!), as I didn’t take into account that I would be adding a ton of extra sugar to my massively non-sugared diet. I’m not much of a sugar eater to begin with. Don’t get me wrong. Someone hands me a humbug or a mint or a piece of good chocolate, I’m not likely to refuse, but I’ll almost always turn to salty over sweet. I don’t like caramel usually, and I’m not a big fan of “extra stuff” in things – rocky road ice cream confuses my brain.394

Now… where was I? Oh right, the protein bars that were crushing my happy bubble. I increased all my walking and was doing so well with everything, but I still gained 1.5lb this week. BOOOOOOOO. However, I know I’m healthier. Taking a deep breath, I can feel the muscles in my body that I worked on yesterday at the gym. It’s a low delicious ache of hard work and dedicated motivated honest integrity. I’m okay with it going up, as long as it IS the protein bars. I’m cutting them out completely and going back to my regular routine. Don’t mess with what works, eh? This is all a learning lesson, and I am having to make this all up as I go along. I wish I came with an instruction manual. “Page 394: If you have the desire to lose weight, simply tap these 57 freckles in this exact order, sleep naked under a full moon, and bathe in olive oil that has been lightly salted and seasoned with thyme and mint.” YAY! I’m now a size 8! 😀 **Delusionalpixie arrives to help!**

nanoI’m getting excited to work on this NaNo book – it’s an online writing contest that I and several friends (many of the DayLites are participating) are going to write 50,000 words in one month. I have a sneaking suspicion that’s *not* going to be too difficult for me. Most of these articles are well over 1500 words a piece, and it takes me about an hour to handwrite them all up before I edit them online. I’m sure I can toss a few hours each day to a story. I just hope it’s fresh enough of a concept to pique people’s interest. Yesterday, on the duvet of happiness and purrs, I worked out some basic plot points and set up 13 cue cards of questions for myself regarding the story structure and beginning.

Writing for me has always been its own reward. I love how we can put words together to heal, shape, educate, inform, amuse, scare, transform, build, and guide people. Just a simple collection of letters; symbols on a page or screen that can change lives. They can bring intense happiness or blistering sorrow. They can render a reader speechless with awe or evoke other emotions.

Heading into week one, my mini goal for everyone of the DayLites was to get at least three meals a day into themselves. Week two was to shut technology off an hour [at least] before bedtime, and do something calming. change

I know it’s working well for many of them who are following this, and many of you probably now know at least one of the DayLites, even if you don’t know you do, as it’s a private group. You’ll likely start seeing some great changes in your friends in the coming days and weeks.

Week three is going to have a new mini challenge: 100 minutes to yourself, for yourself. Even if it is scattered throughout the day as many stay-at-home parents can’t take a full almost 2 hours to themselves all in one shot, they usually can have an hour to themselves before bedtime, and that’s over half of the time right there. It’s about consistency and routine. pirate

I know that some people feel like routine = rut. That’s not the case though. It’s being stagnant in the same endless cycle of drudgery that causes the rut to happen. My routine is becoming predictable, but it is flexible. I can alter it as needed for the weather, for financial reasons; whatever it is. I think the biggest problem people run into with feeling like routines are bad comes down to them wanting to not have rules imposed on them as adults. Trust me, I get it. I don’t enjoy authority figures telling me what to do either. It’s that mental battle that everyone has to get over: once they make the decision that they are going to change their life, that they are no longer going to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by, they HAVE to do something to change their horrible current pattern of living, or they won’t ever really change, and there we come to the crux of it.

changeThe word CHANGE. Oh what a doozie that is. It’s a word that is “easier said than done” and “no, just no”. Change sucks. It means acknowledgement and purposely altering the behaviour that is comfortable and known. Change isn’t easy, and it means hard work, but the payoff… oh that sweet, glorious payoff! I’m not even close to where I want to end up, but I can tell you that every drip of sweat, every laboured, hitched, gasped breath of ten more steps, every muscle that cries out to announce its return to life is something I celebrate. I know I have a long way to go. It took me nearly 41 years to get into this shape, so it’s going to take more than #100days or even a year to get it off me. I’m alright with working toward a fitter me that is healthy and active.

routineThis is the time I need to be healthy. I have adventures to go on. Octopus to swim with. Sharks to video. Nudibranchs to delight up close. Sea puppies to play with… I have oceans to enjoy with the hubs, and I want to do that so badly I could burst. So I see that as my ultimate reward: getting scuba certified and going to introduce myself to the deep.

To the fishes.

To the happy.

statsStats this week:

As I mentioned before, I’m cutting out the protein bars because:

Weight: up 1.5lb
Distance: 69,592steps (21.96miles/35.34km) – 408 steps shy of my weekly goal of 70,000. **last week it was a shorter week, so it was 42,391 (2,391steps over my estimated goal for the week) – so I’m still over a thousand steps ahead than anticipated at this point.**
Remaining to #1millionsteps: 888,017
Body stats: Lt Arm: down .25″; Neck: down .25″; Chest & Bust stayed the same; Waist: down .5″; Hips: down 1.5″; Lt Leg: down .75″

Tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 5) I’ll be heading out with my girl SP around Manhattan. We’re going to lunch with the cute boy, and then head to a free museum near his work.

ping and pixieThanks again to everyone for their continued support and encouragement. Oh… and one last fantastic bit of news: Congrats to our sweet PINGHIGHSCORE who is heading into her final days of HER first #100days, and I’m so proud of her I could just squeal! Ping, I love you, and I am both amazed and inspired by your incredible life-altering goals you achieved in this first #100days. I can’t wait to see what this next #100days does to brighten your world even more. Way to go, babygirl!!!

Have a tremendously fantastic week everyone!


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