Day 18: My Favorite Outfit

Originally posted 2011-04-01 07:31:48.

Since I mostly hung around in Tree Form, I never really had outfits that Sarindre would run around in. I had her raiding gear and that was about all. The gear never looked too bad being the tier sets, but it was really nothing too exciting. I think the helms have always been the coolest, especially when they had the thorny horns. In my bank I have some outfits like the festival dresses, a wedding dress, a tux, and the Christmas outfit, but I would mostly just wear these for the achievement and then never again. Now, I am just wearing gear that I am picking up in dungeons so that I can eventually raid.

So, really I still do not have any favorite outfits. There are, however, a few items that I think look really cool. Mostly all of the head pieces that look like horns on the characters heads. I do not like how pants look on my character though! The skirts or kilts look so much better. I think it is because she looks like she has really skinny legs and I do not like to see her flounce around in the pants with her chicken legs. Plus I hate wearing tabards and will only wear them when I need to gain rep. Really this has turned into my least favorite outfits it seems! If I was on a RP server, there would probably be a ton of outfits that I like and wanted to RP in. But since I barely have the time to gear up, I know I would not have the time to really RP.

Now out of game, I have a ton of favorite outfits, most that I cannot wait to wear again after I get off all of the baby weight, which is coming slowly but surely. I love to wear jeans and t-shirts. And around the house I will lounge in yoga pants. I stick mostly with dark colors but I will throw in a deep purple since I love that color!

What are your favorite outfits in and out of game?

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