Day 16: Things I Miss.

Originally posted 2011-03-30 11:50:34.

Since Cataclysm has been revealed there are many changes that we have all faced. With all change, there are good things and there are bad things and this will depend on the person. To me, there are plenty of things to miss about the new WoW.

One of the main things I miss, and I know I have beat this dead horse, but Tree Form. I loved it so much! Heck, I do not think I even saw my character as her elf graphic, unless I was mounted! I only walked around in that form to so my tree love. But now it is gone and I see my elfy self at all times. I did buy the glyph so that when I go into Tree Form I can see my old one again.

The next thing I miss, and this goes back to BC is the dungeons. I loved the BC dungeons and raids so much and I will often run them with friends (even with just my husband since they are super easy now) because I miss them. I was not in love with the instances and raids in Wraith and so far with what I have played in Cata they are an improvement but still are not my favorite of all time. One thing I am happy to hear is that Zul’Aman will be making its return. I love this place so much and I am happy to see it back!

I also miss 25 mans. Yes, I know we can still do them, and I love 10 mans, but I really am not sure I like having to pick which one I would like to complete. I understand why this decision was made and for me I would only be able to do one because of the baby, but I feel there are many raiders out there that miss the chance on doing both.

Many of the changed that were made with Cataclysm were very good though! I enjoy leveling more now and some class changes are good as well.


What do you miss the most from old WoW?

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