Mana…oh Mana!

Originally posted 2010-03-08 10:59:31.

Raiding as any class that uses mana can be rough, but healers can have a really tough time. Yes, when DPS run out of mana they just stand around and do not damage the boss but when healers run out of mana….people die.

So how do we keep our mana at a high level the entire boss fight? Well there are mana tips and tricks available to us, especially as a Druid.

First and foremost, make sure you are at full mana before the fight. I know this is a “no duh” kinda idea, but I have seen healers and DPS alike go into battle with half mana and then wonder why they are out after 30 seconds. This is especially common after a wipe and healers have rezzed and healed the entire party up.

During the fight, there is one major thing a Druid needs to look out for…over HoTting. We have HoTs (Regrowth and Rejuvenation) and we like to keep them on targets (especially tanks) at all times. But there is such a thing as too many HoTs. For example, do not through a Rejuvenation on a target if they have 8 seconds left in the HoT. What is the point? It is just a waste of mana. Same with Regrowth. If there is 12 seconds left in the Regrowth HoT, do not cast it on the target again. You will find that by doing this, you will have a more continuously full mana pool. If a target needs heals and has both HoTs on them, just cast Nourish. It will heal them and will not be a wasted cast.

Innervate is one of the best spells created for getting mana back. Now, if there is no Shaman in the party with Mana Tide Totem (ie Resto Shammy), then I will cast Innervate at 40% mana. This will almost bring me up to about a 75% mana bar. Doing it too early can fill you up too much waste the mana gained back. Since this is only a 3 minute cooldown, doing this spell too late will only let you hit it once per fight, instead of the usual two times. For fights that have a enrage timer, I will use Innervate sooner so that I can get it twice per fight (usually around 75%).

Another way to get mana back is mana potions. I will not use mine right away. Instead I will wait till I am back at 30% mana after the mana from the Innervate is gone. This will give me enough mana till either the boss is dead or my Innervate is off cooldown again.

This is just for a Druid that is healing without a Shadow Priest or Resto Shammy. These will increase your mana gain tenfold. If you are with a Resto Shammy, ask them when they usually drop mana totem so that you are not Innervating at the same time.

Just remember always take the HoTting slow. Do not over HoT a person for no reason. Let the timers tick till 1 second before you cast another Rejuvenation and 2 seconds before you recast a Regrowth.

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