Goodbye Tree Form.

Originally posted 2010-10-13 11:13:47.

Today I join many other bloggers in saying goodbye to Tree Form. I am very sad to see the form go and I am put off by the new form, which my husband says looks like a “leafy golem.” I do agree. Was the goatee really needed on the image? The angry, old man look is really not what I was going for.

Many are expressing their feelings as to why Tree Form needed to stay or go. I for one like being a druid. In fact I love being a druid. I too played as one before there every was a Tree Form and when I finally could get it, I was in love. Druids shift. That is what we do.

All of the same logic others are using against Tree Form could be said about every form we can shift into. Players want to see their armor, well bears, cats, and moonkin cannot see theirs, why not make them have buffing cooldowns. They want to multitask DPS while healing…well for one, do not play a healer if you want to DPS. Also you do not see a Cat form healing or tanking? They are a DPS component. All of our forms have a purpose, and they all stick to said purpose.

Zelmaru wrote  agreat post about this as well today too. And it included a GREAT image that Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket created.

I plan on posting some pics of my tree that I have taken over the years, but I will need to wait till I get home to do that.

What do you think? Do you like the new trees? Or are you missing the old ones?

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