Feeling Bad.

Originally posted 2010-09-14 08:00:40.

Sorry for the slow bit of posts the past two weeks. You know, people tell you that you will be tired when you get pregnant, but you really cannot grasp just how tired you are until you experience it!

This leads me to why I have been feeling bad. I love my guild. I love raiding. I do not love my raid times since we moved. My body HATES my raid times. When I was in CA, there was no real issues with raiding. Being only at 9 at night, it was not really that bad. However, since we moved to Texas and raid times now are at 11 at night for me, this has become a problem. So currently this is my raid schedule:

Monday 10 man –  9:15pm-11:30pm

Wednesday 25 man – 11pm-2am

Thursday 10 man – 9:15pm-11:30pm 

Friday 25 man – 11pm-2am

Saturday 10 man – 9:30pm-11:30pm.

This used to be no problem for me, even when I was working and going to school. Now, I can make it to the 10 mans (though I am visibly sluggish) and last the entire raid. As for 25’s, well those are a bigger problem. Last Wednesday I wrote my raid leader to say that my husband and I will not be able to make those ones anymore, but we would make Fridays. I know he does not care, and completely understands, but I felt BAD. There are many reasons as to why I do. For one, we are short on healers and my husband and I are both healers. Much of this is due to burn out and some of it is due to healer inexperience. I know this is not MY fault, but I feel like I am leaving the raid and my raid leader high and dry. However, after talking to a few of the other raiders, other ladies in the guild, and my husband, we all felt it was best that I take Wednesdays off (this is another good thing, because with my job I am required to work the first Thursday of the month at 6am and going to bed at 2 and getting up at 5….well that is just no good for anybody)

So now we are off on Wednesdays we are off! Great, one extra day of sleep for me. Now, flash to last Friday. I was sick in the stomach throughout the day and was trying to take it easy. After dinner, my husband and I were hanging on the couch and I remember watching some TV. I woke up a bit later to him covering me in a blanket and turning off all the lights. We were going to play Starcraft a bit before raid, but I guess I passed out on him. No biggie! I thought a nap would be nice before raid anyway. However, this nap turned into sleep. My husband never woke me up because he felt I needed the rest and because I was sick that day. So add another absence from me!

When my husband work me up about midnight to move me to the bed, I realized what time it was and again felt horrible! I know I was sick and tired and I should not feel that way, But I guess that is how I am with my guild. I hate to disappoint. They never not run without us there, we just use some  secondary specs, but I cannot help but wonder if some people get mad when we do not show up.

But real life comes before WoW. Need I say it again? Real life comes before WoW. Therefore, my much needed sleep comes before raid. Sucks, but true!

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