Blog Azeroth: What My UI Needs!

Originally posted 2010-09-03 14:26:43.

Elkagorasa asked over at Blog Azeroth what we would change with our Cataclysm UI. Like Elkagorasa, I too run a ton of add ons and have written about them here in the past. Looking at these add ons, I see a few that I wish we could have integrated into the default UI.

See I like to customize and the default Blizzard UI, though getting better over the years, cannot fulfill my customizing addiction. I love being able to move, rotate and resize everything, but with add ons this can mean having many different add ons and hours of work! Below are 3 of my favorite add ons I feel Blizzard should integrate into their generic UI.

Grid – I know, I know I really need to try Vuhdo out, and I will soon I think. But I have had a love affair with Grid for years now. I love the fact that I can see a full raid in a tiny, compact box. Plus the ability to control what you see (ie – HoT timers, debuffs, aggro, or whatever your heart desires) is really great. I think if the default UI added in the ability to customize the raid frames and make them specific so that every character would be able to use them effectively, then Grid would no longer be needed (sad but true).

Bartender – I thinking being able to move your bars and buttons around is great! You can hide unneeded icons, you can make buttons different shapes, and make them as small as you want. I like the ability to not have my entire screen taken up by buttons and bars and Bartender lets me do this. If the default UI let the bars be completely customizable then poor Bartender might be left in the dust.

Pitbull – Does anyone else hate that on the default UI your character portrait/health/mana bars and the party frames are the same no matter what? I found it boring and it took up way more room than it should have. Plus having target’s target of target got to be way too much that I shut it off completely!  With Pitbull, I have spent a ton of time getting my frames the exact way that I want them. I think this would be another great feature for our default UI !

I know these are tall orders and there are restrictions as to what they can and will do with their time, but I think to have a fulling customizable default UI, would take the game to a great new level!

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