Friday Flashback Fiction: Investigation: Egypt Road

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We decided to keep a log of this as a warning and in the event of our disappearance.  If you’re reading this, please send for help!

It all started as a retelling of an urban legend that has been spread around Salem, Ohio. As most urban legends tend to do, it spread to our community of New Waterford and the tale got twisted and braided into a ghost story.  We graduated high school several years ago so this isn’t some teenage prank designed to make fools of the Police or EMS. We don’t want this to turn into a “Blair Witch Project” either. We were (hopefully are) a couple curious 20 something adults who want nothing more than to prove or disprove once and for all the Legend of Egypt Road.  Sure we’ve all heard the legends as you have, Egypt Road in Salem, OH is supposedly haunted.  We’re not sure by what though. One story states that long a mother and child were walking home across the small one lane bridge on Egypt Rd, when a drunk driver came barreling down the road crossing the bridge, causing the mother and child to jump to the creek bed a mere 10 feet below. They fell at such an unfortunate angle that they were both knock unconscious and subsequently drown in only 1 foot depth of water. It is said that shortly after that, the ghosts of the mother and child have been seen walking through the cornfield all hours of the night. It has been said that, since their deaths were tragic and violent, the spirit of the mother had become enraged and cursed the bridge never allowing any motor vehicle to cross the bridge again!  The bridge had been blocked off decades ago, however the piece of guardrail was placed in the middle of the bridge not one side or the other.  Yeah, strange I know. The other legend states that a coven of either witches or Satanists had set up shop per se, in the barn across the cornfield and put a “curse” on the bridge with the intent to strand any unsuspecting motorists crossing it, therefore fresh “sacrifices” for their unholy rituals.  While the former seems more likely,  as unlikely as it would be, we intend to seek out the origins of each story and whether such a curse or ghosts even exist.

Day 1:

We set out for a preliminary run. We went out in daylight just to get the lay of the land and the road we would be exploring.  Caleb and I started out at 9am. We stopped at a local diner in downtown Salem, hoping maybe to get a couple locals to open up about the stories.  We hit pay dirt right off the bat.  Katie, our server, was eager to oblige our questioning.  She was a curvy mid-thirties brunette with a bright smile and intense eyes and witty remarks.  Caleb and I talked about her later, we had a deep seated feeling that she knew far more than anyone gave her credit for, we liked her immediately!  She took our order and asked “You guys new in town or did you come in for the greasy hash browns and cute brunettes?” We were, at first reluctant to tell her why we were here, after all, “We’re hunting ghosts” sounds something out of an old Saturday morning cartoon show my parents told me about. We gave her our order and between her stops to the table, Caleb and I agreed that we would tell her we were writing a book on small town Urban Legends and does she know any juicy ones we could write about here. She lit up and said she did and began to excitedly tell us the legend of Egypt Rd. She even gave some personal accounts of what had happened to friends of hers and even to her.  Now this was where our plot thickened. Ninety percent of urban legends happened to “a friend of a friend” or “cousins” or some combination of the two. This was the first time we had first hand account of such things.  We asked her if she was willing to allow us to record her accounts after her shift, again she was more than eager to help. She said she would be off by 2pm and to meet her in the park at the center of town. We agreed, ate, paid, and we were on the road. We headed down Rt 14 towards a town called Columbiana. as we left Salem about a mile down the road was a sharp left turn down N. Egypt Rd. Our hearts started to beat in anticipation of what we would see. Would it be the ruins of a barn? Relics from a coven or cult with various animal possibly human bones around? What about the cursed bridge? Or would it be like every other urban legend we sought…a whole bunch of nothing?! We had to admit, even in the daytime, this road looked like something out of a horror movie, one that begins with a group of teens and cases of beer freewheeling down a dark road in the middle of nowhere and ends with one well-traumatized bloody shirted cheerleader stumbling out of the woods with a blank look on her face, the lone survivor from a weekend of watching her friends get dispatched by, and running from some crazed masked killer armed with a meat cleaver.  Our nerves shuddered and our muscles tensed as we drove further. Caleb suggested we turn the radio on. We did, it was Country music, I hit the channel 1 button, but instead of turning to the preset rock station we had set, the channels started scrolling as if the seek button had gotten stuck and refused to zero in on one frequency. We looked at each other, I looked at my cell phone, no signal, no roaming, nothing. I tried to test it by calling Caleb’s phone, there was just some weird high pitched interference and crackling.  It was almost as if we had warped back into the 90’s with signals and radio.  We were so focused on the electrical issues that we almost missed the bridge. “There it is!” I exclaimed. Caleb slammed on the brakes. We turned off the radio, which at this point sounded like a bad AM station with feedback and strange warbled sounds. He backed up and turned towards the bridge. There it was! A guardrail bolted right in the middle of the single lane bridge. There was a seam connecting the bridge to the road. Caleb looked at me and I at him, I think we were both thinking the same thing. Let try it! He put the car back into drive and we started across the bridge, almost immediately as the car crossed the seam in the road, it stalled! Completely dead, no electric, no lights, no key start!.  Our hearts were beating out of our chests. Even though it was broad daylight, Caleb was feverishly trying to start the car again, with no success!. We reluctantly got out of the car and all we heard was silence. Not even a distant bird chirping or leaves rustling. Eerie to say the least. I looked around, flustered, I sat on the car and it began to drift backwards. I got up quickly and then the idea hit me. “Hey Caleb, let’s try pushing the car off of the bridge!” I said. He agreed and got back in the car. I pushed it the rest of the way until it was back on the blacktop road. I gave him a signal to start the car. It started right up, as if nothing was ever wrong. I shot him a look through the windshield, I suspect my face mirrored his. We were definitely coming back tonight to try this again!

We met Katie back in town told her what we had experienced, she was intrigued to hear it but strangely not surprised. Then she shared what she knew. She moved here in middle school, heard all the stories, even some new ones we didn’t know. The unexplained and unsolved missing persons reports, the barn burning down under suspicious circumstances, the strange cries coming from the woods beyond the cornfield.  The murder of the mother and her child.  Yes I said “murder”. Evidently another legend that escaped us was the mother and child were supposed to be run over on purpose, it was feared she was a witch and her child a child of the devil. The person failed at running them over but the outcome was the same.  She also gave us warning not to go at night.  One of her stories told of a motorist that was stranded on that same bridge two winters ago and was never heard from again. It made headlines, but was dismissed as he died of exposure a few miles from his vehicle but no body was ever found. we dismissed it just the same.

Night 1

<AVIA voice to text activated>

<please speak into device, text will be logged into email, autosend after 24 hours>

Here we are, it’s October 17th 11pm Caleb and I are in front of the bridge on North Egypt Road Salem Ohio. Investigating the legend of Egypt road bridge.

Caleb say hi to Avia

<new vocal pattern detected, user “Caleb” identified, chat mode initiated>

Hi Avia. <Caleb

OK, we parked the car off the bridge in case we need to charge our phones or camera. Caleb is 10 feet in front of me with the GOGO camera and I have my phone for recording our conversation and our devices for recording EVPs. We walking towards the bridge

Are you going to narrate our whole trip dude? <Caleb

No not the whole thing, but we need to

Shhh what is that? <Caleb

I don’t see it?

That light about 20 yards, look towards the cornfield dufus! <Caleb

Oh! Yeah I see it! Are you getting it on camera?

No, it’s too far away, try my phone camera. <Caleb

Ok, woah! watch where your going moron! Dude, a truck just flew past us almost hit your car.

We have to move it. Keys are in it park it on the bridge <Caleb

Are you kidding me? didn’t you see what happened last time?

Yeah, it’s a fluke, just park it, its the safest place on the road right now, I can’t afford to get it hit <Caleb

Ok, fine.

There, see it didn’t stall out or nothing<Caleb

That’s because I put it in neutral and coasted it on to the bridge!

Um…yeah ok lets go, this place is getting creepier by the minute<Caleb

The unshakable Caleb Saunders, creeped out?

Yeah, a stalled car and apparent glowing apparition in a cornfield and this road out of a Stephen King novel has that effect<Caleb

Point taken, let’s go!

We’re crossing the. <word not found>

<AVIA voice to text activated>

Avia, is this thing working? ok, We crossed over bridge, we lost all signal, and electronics until we reached the closed road on the other side, Caleb and I continue to see the strange light in the field but we never seem to get much closer to it, it seems like it’s moving away from us, either avoiding us or trying to lead us somewhere. I can’t tell you how afraid we are! As we were crossing the bridge Caleb swears someone or something grabbed his ankle and tried to pull him under the bridge.

<new vocal pattern detected, user “Caleb” identified, chat mode initiated>

Something did! Now lets get this precious footage you need and get our  <word not found> out of here!<Caleb

He looks visibly shaken

and stop talking like I can’t hear you!<Caleb

It’s now, this can’t be right


My phone says it’s 145am, your phone says it as well.

What about your watch?<Caleb

it’s stopped completely.

at what time?<Caleb

What the  <word not found> this can’t be! It stopped at 145. Wait, didn’t Kaie say that most accounts put the mother/child murder, killing, whatever at 145am?

Yeah, but what would a woman be doing out with a 1 year old in the dark after midnight? Urban legend, Shawn, remember?<Caleb

Yeah, but this was a farming community she was probably walking back from another town or a friends house or something, she wasn’t struck by an SUV or Cadillac, she was hit by a ’23 Ford, not many cars around at that time especially to lower middle class farmers.

what, are you trying to solve a <Caleb

why did you stop? What is

Run! <Caleb

Avia time.

<the time is 2am>

Stop Cale! We’ve been running for several minutes, I can’t. I can’t catch my breath. Cale? Caleb! Caleb, where are you?!

<new vocal pattern detected,  unidentified user, chat mode initiated>

What the?

YoU ArE Not WeLl CoMe HeRe! <User unknown

Who’s there? I can’t see anyone, I don’t hear anyone, Caleb! Caleb! I, I can’t see anyone around me, I can see the car, we must have ran for

YoU WiLl DiE HeRe!<User unknown

Who keeps doing that? WHERE ARE YOU?! I have to run to the car, I can’t leave without Cale, What is THAT?!

Avia time.

<the time is 345am>

I, I made it to, to, to the car, I can’t even explain what, what I saw, I’m so out of breath, No sign of Cale ex, except for the camera, it’s it’s Oh God, covered in blood and dirt. C’mon, start blast you start! Son of a.. It won’t start, Start!Start! This can’t be happening! I don’t want to get out of the car, I can’t, No! What is that? No! NOOOOO!

<the time is now 2pm log sent to JackWagon93>

Jack Wagner (

To Aaron Rodger (

FWD Shawn Granger (


We need to check this out! We pack up tomorrow!