13 Reasons DW Needed A Female Doctor

So the news broke just over twenty-four hours ago that the newest regeneration of the Doctor is going to be a woman.

The internet has broken itself into three main factions:

Those who are good with this change. (<<< I cried at the fantasticnessity of this reveal and am so so so excited for the new storyline to happen!)

Those who are not good with this change. To these crying pissbabies, let me just say this: Grow. UP.

Those who don’t g.a.f. about this change. (These include people who sadly [and yes, these mortals exist] have not yet seen ANY Doctor Who, and you are not to shame them, for they do not know the awesomeness that is Doctor Who.)

So who is this incredible actress? Jodie Whittaker. ((Here’s the imdb for you to check out her body of work so far: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2092886/?ref_=nv_sr_1))

Let’s quickly look at the 13 reasons I personally feel that the 13th Doctor is going to be epic, and why being a female Doctor is going to be good for the future of Doctor Who.

  1. It was time. It has been brought up so much over the years, but it hasn’t been the right moment to introduce a female Doctor. I get them waiting for so long, to ensure that they had the storyline to a point that a strong female could actually dive into the timeline and carry it forward properly.
  2. I got to enjoy watching Jodie in Broadchurch – a BBC show that stars David Tennant (10th regeneration) and Arthur Darvill (RORY), and though I haven’t seen her in other things, she does steal the scenes nicely and is a compelling actress to watch.
  3. I guess the {most} obvious point, is that the Master/turned/Missy is now female, and it feels RIGHT for them both to be female simultaneously.
  4. The writing will be changing drastically, as Moffatt will be leaving the show in order to work on breaking the brains of his devoted followers (I want his babies even though he makes me lose my mind because he is so exceptionally insane and brilliant). Here’s hoping that Moffatt is going to find something just as delicious to work on like Doctor Who and Sherlock again.
  5. Because of point 4, there is a need to have a fresh storyline completely. A lot of shit happened in the last few years in regards to the Doctor’s story, and not all of it was good. And I don’t just mean that they had a sad storyline. I mean the writers basically called that shit in, and essentially tried to make Clara the star of the fucking show and don’t get me started on how horrible that entire thing was, because I literally had two therapy sessions where I was just crabbing about her shitty existence in MY DOCTOR WHO. Fucking Daleks.
  6. Yes, I’m going to say it: There are people who, like me, have waited their entire lives (Doctor Who is almost exactly 20 years older than me) to see a female Doctor. We have put in our time, and it needs to happen.
  7. The story isn’t going to revolve around her vagina, so the pissbabies need to stop bitching already. Just because there is a set of tits inside the suit, doesn’t mean that the Doctor won’t be able to bring a formidable change to resolutions.
  8. They really got away from what the idea of the concept of WHO THE DOCTOR is, and hopefully with proper writing, Jodie’s influence (yes, as an emotionally gifted and wonderful Doctor) will bring about less destructiveness to the universe, and more actual positive storytelling. Even when the War Doctor was around, he was conflicted about his choices. Making Peter Capaldi’s iteration of the Doctor pretty much numb to anything that he did, makes what the Doctor stands for ineffectively null and ignored. I was so saddened that they would treat Peter’s Doctor with such utter disregard. I doubt deep down, he was that jazzed to play such a shite and slight version of the regeneration. Several times, I’ve legit stared at the screen, thinking THIS ISN’T HOW YOU DOCTOR. Especially after the 50th anniversary special, when various regens FINALLY come to understand exactly WHY and HOW the War Doctor was the War Doctor, and the proclamation within themselves that they weren’t going to forget again, and actually begin to heal. I have been so heartbroken that they were hurting the storyline with being so shitty to Capaldi. I can only hope they don’t make Jodie a festering body part. 
  9. They need to not make her a simp. They need her to be brilliant and bold and charismatic (she does this naturally; remember my Broadchurch mention? She’s a grand choice for scene stealing), and JUST strong enough to know that she has her flaws and weaknesses, but they are what give her her… humanity (for lack of a better term) – something that the writers have again forgotten with Capaldi’s Doctor version. Making her weak, making her less than capable, making her anything but the viable entity that she should be allowed to play will not be a genuinely respectable position for her to take on.
  10. If they do this right, and they do follow through with the storyline, she will herald a change in the timeline as well, and give the viewers a delightfully lighter storyline to follow. She needs to be given the chance to play her way. Think Matt Smith versus Tom Baker (11th and 4th respectively) – each brought a fabulous view of the Doctor to life, and the storyline respected their unique charismatic depth of being in each iteration.
  11. New viewers. Each year, people wax and wane on a program; some pass away, some find a show repetitive, or simply stop watching for any other number of reasons. There are groups of individuals who have yet to be introduced to Doctor Who, who will see this as a chance to dive into the library’s swimming pool, in order to see a fresh take on a over-half-century’s long television show, to see new vitality and fall in love with a character.
  12. Having a female Doctor is going to save the show. They’ve hinted before that the Doctor has watched other friends and schoolmates go through multiple gender transformations with different regens, but I personally excited that they are finally letting her join in, as there is a theory that “they only get 12” – maybe they only get 12 in one gender. Which means we could be looking at the start of 12 new identifying-as-female characters, before we have 12 new characters as well that get to… well, you see where that delicious thought is going.
  13. Number 13 is my favourite number. I found out the 13th Doctor is going to be female (finally), while sitting in the kitchen of one of my dearest best friends, in Ireland. I don’t care what anyone else says, I know this is exactly what Doctor Who needs.

I know there are a tonne of other reasons why she’s exactly what we need, and I know there are people who have already shared their thoughts on the subject.

Welcome, Jodie. Welcome to your beautiful new life journey, and may your sonic screwdriver never let you down. I can’t wait to add your FunkoPop to my collection of fierce women I love.

Tell us below in the comments what your thoughts are!

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