The Great Pottery Throw Down: Series 2 – BBC

The Great Pottery Throw Down Series 2 – BBC



I am crazy over this series, I’m not even kidding!!


This amazing season sees a unique set of ceramicists who are from fantastic and full of personality. My stars, these people are marvelous.


“You don’t get any money or anything?” “No, just the trophy,” laughs


This statement pretty much sums up why I love this show.
Don’t get me wrong; I love Chopped, because it gives me awesome culinary ideas, and I loved the incredibly unique designs of the contestants on Project Runway (in the first couple of seasons, before it became all about how much petty drama they could set into one another with rivalries and stupid shit like that).


These contestants HELP one another.

There’s no money involved, there’s no great parade through the streets.

There’s a barbeque with friends and family and former contestants.

And there are lasting friendships, skills learned, and memories made.

THAT is why I love this series.


You can see the passion for the craft, and I think Freya says it best, when she’s commenting on the fact that when she was asked if she’d ever been a potter when she was working in her dad’s Ceramic shop while growing up, you don’t get rich from this field. Her passion for sharing her mind’s creations with others is what drew her back to the field, and she was hooked.


You DO however, fall so desperately, deeply, and truly in love with the clay that it becomes a second oxygen to these potters.


This season had 10 new contestants. There were people who were immigrants to the UK, and those who were borne likely from Hagrid’s family line – if giants who look like lumberjack Vikings do come from Newcastle – which I’m now sure of this being a fact.


There were pompous ones and frenetic ones and even more I wanted to stick in my pockets and keep forever because they were so freaking perfectly unique and adorably fantastical.


I was delighted to see new challenges, and Rich (sorry, I called him Rickie yesterday) really does need to have a BBC special where it’s just him on camera for about 4 hours straight, talking about literally ANY TOPIC because he’s so ridiculously wonderful to see. You know there’s a wealth of information between his ears, and I want to know everything about temperatures, and heating options and types of clays and clay shrinkage and surface cracks versus stress fractures… I can go on just listing the things I wish I knew about from him.


The contestants go camping in this one, and do pit firing! It’s really interesting to see what kinds of chemical reactions happen to the clay. Banana peels are going to develop a certain type of colouration from the potassium, while slow burning hardwoods like mahogany and oak take their time and leave a lasting impression. Cabbage leaves make clay turn ORANGE! How cool is that?!?!


I’m not gonna spoil this one for you either, but I will tell you that Caít is undoubtedly my favourite human in both series. I can’t wait to get published and try to find that Zimbabwe borne Irish lass and beg her for … well ANYTHING that she could find TIME to make!!


One of the contestants wins the hearts of everyone because of his relationship with his gran, and I’m sure that people are thinking it’s his good looks that brought him into the competition for the heartthrob factor, but honestly, dude has serious skills, and he’s WAY MORE than a pretty face. I know it is raised several times in the show that he’s there to show off his good looks, which sadly is a bit of a sexist ploy to assume he’s not as gifted at the wheel as someone less society-standard beautiful/handsome.


Keith just needs to let me do his hair, and I’ll let him stay just the way he is otherwise. Oh my stars, I adore this man.


Watch this. DocumentaryHUB on Youtube has ALL but the S02E08 Final episode, and then there’s a dude named Glen Nelson who has that one (it’s not a perfect recording, and you really do need headphones, but GAH!!! Watch the show!


BBC, PLEASE, I beg of you, PLEASE keep this show going.


I love how much I have learned, and I want a wheel and all the clay and all the teaching and… I need a new binge fest to tied me over until I officially start Hugfest 2017 in 12 days…

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