One Plus One by JoJo Moyes

My experience with JoJo Moyes has been pretty mixed. I absolutely loved Me Before You. Admittedly, it was total chick lit, but her character development really draws in the reader and forces an emotional investment in the outcome. Moyes’ followup, The Girl You Left Behind, was lackluster at best. The characters were stale and the plot just felt cheaply recycled. I was hugely disappointed. I decided to give her one more try, and, true to the trend, One Plus One is pure mediocrity.

Jess’ life is in the final stages of completely falling apart when she crosses paths with Ed, who ultimately (and inevitably) makes her life better. There are some somewhat interesting details, including a dog, two kids, a math competition and a roadtrip. These tidbits come together to create a truly mehh novel.

Moyes has just not been able to recapture the pure style that made Me Before You so captivating. Her characters aren’t in the best of situations, but they seem crafted to inspire the sort of sympathy Moyes successfully demanded for Me Before You‘s Will Traynor. It just doesn’t work this time.

One Plus One is too busy with characters that aspire to be multi-dimensional, but only end up being dull and strangely lifeless. Miss Moyes appears to have officially established herself as a one-hit wonder.

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