Geek in the Morning: Thursday June 1st, 2017


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On this day…in 1998

  • Armored Core – PlayStation version released. (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. MarioNintendo Power release – SNES version released. (Japan)
  • Frenzy! – PlayStation version released. (United Kingdom)
  • Quest 64 – Nintendo 64 version released. (United States)
  • Space Station SimulatorVersion 1.1 – Windows version released. (United States)
  • The Granstream Saga – PlayStation version released. (United States)

In fictional history

  • In 2009, terrorists set off a massive electromagnetic pulse that devastates the U.S.
  • Weyland Industries develops a cure for almost all cancers in 2022
  • Drigh R’Zimb is celebrated among the Redguard
  • Franklin B. Richards is born
  • Zangief is born in 1956

Geeky News!

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