The Wednesday Group by Sylvia True

Look at the cover of this book. It looks like an Oprah Book Club Book – my least favorite type of book. Some fancy elegant pillows, precariously stacked at a jaunty angle. I had no clue what this book would be about, but the title led me to believe that it was maybe a knit and crochet group, meeting Wednesdays to make hats and share gossip. Boy was I wrong.

“The Wednesday Group” refers to a support group for the spouses of sex addicts. Not for making hats. So these women share tales of their husbands’ repeated infidelities, while a therapist gently reminds them that sex addiction is a disease and should be treated as such.

I don’t know what the moral of this story was supposed to be, and it is abundantly clear that Sylvia True didn’t know either. I think that she wants readers to be more sympathetic towards those afflicted by this “disease,” but The Wednesday Group had the opposite effect. Some of the women stayed with these men, some of them didn’t. All were incredibly hurt and confused. Frankly, so was I. I was hurt that the notion of “addiction” grants a free pass for sexual escapades. I was confused as to why I even finished this book. I still am.

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