Countdown to Hugfest 2017

I’m finally going to do it. I’m hopping across the giant Atlantic Puddle, and I’m way too excited.

29 days will likely be quickly scooped up in history, but not nearly as fast as I’m hoping! I WANT TO GO TODAY!!!

I’ll be hopefully doing at least one or two articles/week about the fun over in Europe, and I’ll be able to share fun stories and anecdotes about the events going on in the particular country I’ll be in.

I’m excited that there will be something to look forward to, but rest assured, I’m going to have memories galore!

As I’m going for over a month, I’m going to be needing to pack some essentials, but also some specifically special things as well, because of WHY I’m going.

This all started about a year and a half ago, when one of my best humans messaged me that her and her fiancé had decided that they were gonna make it official on paper, and she wanted me as one of her bridesmaids.

Shocked, crying, and absolutely elated, I swore to her on all that was chocolate and good in the universe, I’d be there. After that, it was simply a matter of starting the ball rolling downhill, and slowly acquiring the momentum to know I was going to go early and help with last-minute arrangements, favours for guests, etc.

I’m still trying to lock down my accommodations, as the place I had set up was shifty and gave me an amazing discounted rate for a full month and then privately messaged me saying I couldn’t get the deal and that I couldn’t stay for a whole month with them. I’m bummed, and still hoping to figure something out, as I don’t want to be living rough while trying to do polymer clay beads for napkin rings and such!

I still have a bit of time to figure out where I’m staying in England, as I’m heading to France first. Me. Pixie. In Paris. I never thought I’d ever be writing those words, let alone having a ticket in my name to head there. Squeals It’s really happening!!!!!

My stomach gave a cheerful flip of YAY!!!!! TIME TO PACK!

Hush, stomach, you’re wrong!! We have 29 sleeps left!

Stay tuned, as this countdown timer heads to 0 and takeoff to Hugfest 2017!

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