WoD Epi37 Pt 3: Glitterfly and Here Comes the Sun

Welcome back once again folks, to the longest episode recap for World of Darkness (yet)!

I’m gonna keep swearing, so you might just want to put your big panties on and deal with it.
*will try to remember to put the advisory pic in again, but I can’t be sure I’ll remember. I’m getting sick, so my brain is currently turning to mush.*

First part of Epi 37 Recap is: HERE <<<< Click that mf’g link yo’!
Second part of Epi 37 Recap is: HERE <<< so don’t click it until you read the first one if for some reason you’ve missed them so far.

Okay that’s done.

The legit last paragraph I had for E37P2 is:
I get two successes to attack Sheila while I’m mid air with her and then 6 on the actual damage. I successfully stop that bitch from floating, and I’m standing on the ground again, refusing to let her float away. In my mind, she’s like a helium filled Homid shaped balloon and I’ve got my index Crinos claw sunk hard and deep into her balloon foot, so the tip of my claw is more than peeking out the middle of her arch on the underside of her left foot. Betcha that fucking hurts, eh?

and then the ***TO BE CONTINUED*** part after that.

So finite recap of the recap (in case you’ve read the first two and or are just too fucking lazy to click the links above. No, I get it, that one click saves you that 0.0004 seconds in your life so you can yawn without annoyance, or gives you the ability to blink twice, or solve the time/space parallel dimension equation… you know, basic stuff. Yes, I’m snarky. I’m sick! *blows nose* Be glad I’m on this side of the damn screen.
And someone bring me a bowl of soup please. And turn the sun down. Oh, wait, I’m not a vampire, but Dean’s playing with one. He is using Lucille (NOT B.B. King’s guitar) and walloped that leech in the solar plexes.

crow on the left, raven on the right.

Sam’s nursing a bit of a bruised ego and tailbone, and now it’s Jake’s turn!

 Huginn (Norse for “THOUGHT”) and Munnin (Norse for “MIND”) (Odin’s ravens – this is going to be on the test people, keep up!) go up on either side of where Sheila is tethered (via my [TY] claw) to near the ground (well kinda like 33-35ft in the air, not really near the ground, but whatevs) and they are in full epic raven form ((here, go to this link and check it out for yourself: http://www.diffen.com/ the difference between ravens and crows and then do something wicked awesome like peanut butter and peafowl)) and they attack Sheila, and there’s a golden light into her chest, mad damage is done to her and we all can tell the Sheila’s shield is shattered spectacularly. < Say that 5 times fast.

Remy’s turn: He does Command Spirit, and spends a willpower to add to the charisma + leadership skills to ensure he gets at least one success (good, cause he only got one other) and he sends the spirit he charms to attack Sheila directly. Thanks for helpin, Remy.

Sam does 10 damage by jumping up an biting her neck, sinking his ((I think he’s in raptor form… watch the epi to be sure, but I’m positive that’s what teeth are gnawing on her)) He can feel Sheila growing limp as the spirits get louder and louder.
Dean: swing and a miss. FUCK YOU, LUCILLE. Behave or you go back over the mantelpiece where you can act like you’re worthy of your name.

Remy (When did he shift? I have no memory of this shift. Let’s just give him this one) claws at the vampire, and gets 5 agg damage.

AND TY SLOW CLAPS HIM. Thanks for coming out, Remy! Yay you. No. Seriously. This is Ty’s happy-fuck-you-you-almost-fucked-the-world-and-now-you’re-helping-face. **I should remind you that Ty is in Crinos form, and slow clapping entails kinda waving a growing limp werewolf-chic who has her neck being torn open by a raptor around in the air. so it might be a bit more dramatic from that perspective** ((This moment is not lost on the group, as me – SERA have been loving the fact that the DinoBros slow-clapped Trevor many eons ago, and he became a dance puppet, and finally I – Ty finally get my chance to slow clap someone else.))

Ty’s turn: 3 successes means that I get to roll for damage, and I get 5 successes *FUCK YEAH!* and I eviscerate that bitch. SHE is a female canine, I’m using that term adequately, properly, and more importantly, literally.

As Sheila’s guts start to pour out onto the ground, Jake begins his Here Comes the Sun dance-off which will take three rounds and will legit, bring the sun. BURN ALL YOU EVIL NEFARIOUS DOERS OF BAD STUFFS!!!! BWAHAHAHA **Huginn and Munnin head back to Odin**

Remy sees that the spirits are still chanting, and begins his exorcism chanting, which will take 3 rounds as well.

***Intermission for a moment as we discuss the finer points of My Little Pony, and the fact that there is apparently a new Pony that none of us are aware of. That’s right folks, only SAM knows about GLITTERFLY.***

After that hilariousness ends, he checks for 5 and then 10 successes for damage and he’s all about that Vamp.

Dean’s not fairing too well, and spends a willpower to get an auto success, gets 5 successes, chokes up on the handle of Lucille and does 10 damage to the vamp. But he’s in seriously bad shit, cause the vamp does 5 agg to him, so FINE, I guess I’m gonna lick Dean now.

I’m not getting kinky – I’m using Healing Tongue (it’s like the Theurge gift of the Werewolves “Mother’s Touch”, but I actually have to lick the wound for it to heal. I’m guessing by this point in the fight, Dean’s smelling like the underside of Deadpool’s left nutsack after a day in his body suit. And I think I may have just stepped over the line in my own head as well. 

MOVING ON – I fix 4 agg damage from Dean (1 gnosis and then Intel + Empathy)

Jake’s on Round 2 of Here Comes the Sun.

The Vampire is now invisible-ish.

Oh, this was explained thusly: these rounds are comprised of each player doing their thing, and are roughly 3 seconds/each being’s turn, so an actual round (you’re gonna make me fucking math now, aren’t you? well, fuck that, I’m sick and I’m just gonna guess it’s been about 5 rounds since we all hit the clearing and started to tussle. – so all of this is happening in less than 2 minutes so far.)

Sunlight is coming.
The exorcism is going to be starting soon (it was manipulation + intimidation)
Most of the spirits start to disappear, as Jake’s light shines bright, flooding the area, scattering even more Umbral spirits and the vampire is gone for sure.

And then something spiritual floaty mass hovers over Dean. A great ball of energy is building, Jake shifts to Crinos form, asks Remy is there something he (Remy) can do?

Remy says yeah, he can do Spirit Drain, and uses 8 gnosis, Diff 6 and spends a willpower (after, but GM Mistress of Awesomeness was benevolent and merciful and allowed him to use it retroactively because he forgot to state that before he rolled) and got 6 successes (kinda overkill but hey, it worked, so it’s awesome.) The essence of the area is being drained.

Dean – healed by Ty – NO NO NO it’s okay, Dean, YOU’RE WELCOME. Pfft.
He asks what the fuck is going on around here, and that we’ve now just killed another one of our friends’ at the Caern’s leaders. This does not bode well for our “let’s be friends and protect one another from the Kings” crap, eh?

**this is where the discussion in game happens about Matthew {Remy} being the original creator of StormCrow.**

Jake steps sideways into the Umbra, and mind-yells at me (Ty) to stop as I am about to Falling Touch Remy. GAH! FINE, I won’t drop him like a fainting goat. YET.

The questions towards Remy begin as the clearing (fully bright still from Jake’s sun beckoning – it will be like this for a few more hours, maybe even a day) begins to dissipate and soon only the pack and Remy are there.

He introduces himself officially as Remiel, but we can call him Remy. 
He walks the winds of dreams.
He’s a Silent Strider.

Jake: Why are you here?
Sam: Why are you summoning KINGS?
((AND ONE OF SAM’S BEST LINES EVER:)) To follow without question is blind.
[+10respect from Ty to Sam, but he’ll have to read this to know that.]
Ty: *is just laughing at the truth of Sam’s words, and the meaning that has so much far greater depth than just the mere clearing they are in*
Sam: What brings you here?
Remy: I have seen you in the centre of an Umbral Storm.
Ty: Can we take him before the Manticore? (I did say DRAG, but changed it to take after Jake said “NO, TY!”)
Sam: Why not ask him (Remy) to come [to see the Manticore].
Dean: **may I point out he’s the only seriously one right now, focused on the fact that the Caern deserves to know this and he’s being really calm considering how amped up everyone was a few minutes ago** She is old in the Pack (Caern).

It was a King, the King’s offering that probably swayed her. ((The guys begin to sing King Jeremy the wicked…))

Ty: *picks him up, and is told to put him down. She drops him from arm’s height, so he’s falling about 30 feet.* They are no fun.
Sam takes Sheila’s body.
We head back to the Caern.
Remy: Why were you here?
Sam: (Jake answers instead): Conrad asked us here.
Conrad: What did you do?
Sam: Sheila was overcome from the Kings.
Conrad: Maybe she got turned around [mentally]?
Remy: Maybe as a conduit?
Conrad: Thanks for bringing her back to us.
Jake: Who were the Theurges? (there are 3 in the Caern) – There might be spiritual residue for them to make their piece with their Pack leader, now that Sheila’s dead.
Remy: it was a manifestation of the king. It is a blight on the umbra. The vessel, to become physical.
Sam: *hands the body over to Conrad*
Remy: *speaks of the residue*

AND THEN CALLS Dean a platypus. ((This normally would never come up as a picture in our games, but because Al is at his own home, instead of with Drew and Trey, his avatar pic for Google Hangouts Live is a velociraptor, and Matthew mistakes it for a platypus of all things. This moment of levity was much needed, and helps us move into the next scene lighter.))

THANK YOU, dearest artist, who did this. Thank you Google, for not failing me. Thank you internet, for giving me the chance to see my favourite animal ever chill with a dino.

Jake: I’m heading to Lena’s House.
Ty: I’m heading to Mutt’s House. I’m probably going to wash his dishes for him. ((Oh, at some point on the way back to the Caern, I shift into Homid form, snow white skin and patch of hair that looks like a polar bear’s tail-tuft as my only dome accessory)).

Dean contemplates giving the Grand Klaive – Jalal/Blitzer infused sword – to Conrad, and Sam talks to Dean about it. Sam doesn’t think that is a good idea, and Dean doesn’t think that Sheila was really there.

They discuss getting Tides of Lust thongs (again) and GM calls game.

We get 5xp for our fun adventure, and that brings me to a whopping 41xp so far!! WHOOHOOHOO!! I think tomorrow, I shall redo my stats and I’ll walk you through how I do them!

WE MIGHT be playing this Friday to make up for last Saturday’s missed game. Fingers crossed, because we all want to do this murder mystery so so so much!!!

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