Pixie Reviews: Mobile Game #1: I LOVE HUE

My therapist has informed me I need to find things to mindlessly do while I’m having a panic attack or anxiety outbreak.
I have decided to check a few out this past weekend, and already have two on my phone which I should mention at some point as well.

This first one though is about colour. That’s it.
Matching hues and gradients/ombre tones/tints/shades to one another in a pattern. There’s no big fanfare. There’s no heavy graphics to overstimulate the mind.

Just colours.

Now, granted, not everyone will enjoy or be able to play this, and I’m sorry for those people who either feel like it is too hum-drum or due to colour-blindness, are unable to see the myriads of differences, but for those who can see the colours, it shouldn’t bring any stress at all.

It’s on Android and iOS, and it’s a simple, calming, fun, mindless diversion.


I can’t recommend this enough for anyone who has panic attacks. It legit is so immensely calming to me.

There’s no timer. I can just stare at the colours, and once it is complete, it gives me a flash of love and returns me back to the main list so I can choose a previous or unplayed pattern.


I’d recommend this to complete strangers.

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