WoD Ep35: Manticore, Mutt, and Mall, OH MY!

Episode 35: Manticore, Mutt, and Mall… Oh My!

*really don’t think I should have to do this, but JUST IN CASE there are people who get butthurt for the silly things (like assuming that by episode 35, there would be a change in the content from World of Darkness sessions – where have you been? You’re clearly not watching/reading the previous episodes/recaps (or listening to the podcasts) – NSFW if you don’t have a door to your own office, and your boss might hover and be like “WTF *insert your name*? Why didn’t you tell me the new episode recap was up?! Dafuq is wrong with your sharing skills?” and then you’re on employment probation again, and the disciplinary committee is going to review how many other times you’ve neglected to share good shit with the rest of your fellow employees and supervisors… See what you did? SEE? ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELF?

Fine. As the DinoBros say, “Lock up your wives, lock up your daughters…”

MicroMini Ep34 Re-recap:

Dudes are in some form of reality, finishing their gauntlet trials, and received some pretty sweet gifts from beyond.

Dean got to see Papa Winchester, and got his’elf a good ole slugger name o’Lucille (and I personally can’t wait to see if he yells something like “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!” right before he swings the bat at an enemy. Twisted? DUH. Of course. And I bet she sings as sweet as B.B. King’s guitar she was named after.) Dean-o << I’m gonna pay for that, I know it. Also , he gets a point of Empathy and this causes some internal struggles (yay for a bat of justice and killy-killy things, but wtf are these… emotions?!?! EWWWWWWWW)

Sam got to learn some important lessons in patience and kindness and logic, and in doing so, gained three new pack members (though not sure if they are ever going to exist outside of the realm that they were all in), learned how to problem solve like a motherfucking boss, and was rewarded with a visit from the Ancient Lizard Kings, who bestowed on him a seemingly tiny instrument of massive ability. The Flute of the Ancients will summon them to his bidding in times of need. YOU GO, LINK!! PLAY THAT MOTHERFUCKIN’ OCARINA OF TIME! He got a point in Leadership and is solidified as the Alpha of the Pack.

Jake was a bit busy creating all the kinds of Valkyrie/Raven spawnlings possible, so he’s gonna have some craaaaaay-cray child support bills when them three shield maidens need diaper money! 
His gauntlet trial earned him resilience, trust, and the Horn of Valhalla – looks like a drinking horn, but it is a horn to call special entities. He got a point in Enigmas.

Onto Ep35!!

Gifts explained:
for EACH successful hp of damage, a counter-die is stored (this is an at will expenditure – meaning he can use it whenever he wants, in what ever way he wants for whatever reason he so chooses) – this is cumulative as well. Legit, I see this being so fucking powerful so that he gets like 15 extra pts of damage on Jeremy…. daaaaaaamn that dude’s gonna be KingPaste by the time Lucille’s finished with him.
this is equal to a Mokolé Level 5 Klaive – meaning that this does 5 Agg Damage/swing
it SHIFTS WITH HIM and does the same damage in each form.
He also receives: the loss of his BAD Mnesis (no, Pages, I did not misspell MENSES!)
one final gift: DRAGON FEAR. ((I haven’t looked into this one, so I’m gonna wait until he uses it in game before I comment about it.))

Sam’s: Due to Sam’s benevolent leadership ability, his goodness was able to gift his twin, Dean, the healthy removal of the bad mnesis. This is HUGE, BTW. See, Sammie-boy hasn’t had a chance to chill with Gwon in the past up until this time, because he didn’t have that special link. Dean DID, but his was a mess. SO this helps for two reasons. 1. Sam gets to now have that connection to the ancients (via his awesome little recorder of doom) and 2. Dean no longer is plagued with the issues that have kept them alone from the rest of the Mokolé for too long. I am excited to see where this leads them and the rest of the pack.

He also receives: The Flute is actually sounds the COMMAND OF THE ANCIENTS – duuuuude seriously, this is jacked to every level of coolness! – LEVEL 5 Fetish

Literally everyone in the vicinity of Sam (not sure how far out, forgot to check, will do so and hopefully remember to comment on it in the next recap) HAS to stop and make a willpower check if they don’t want to listen. The willpower roll doesn’t stop them from stopping though. Only from what happens after they stop and Sam begins to speak.
This is good for ANY social situation (Pack, Pack + Friends, Pack + Strangers, Pack + Strangers, Friends, and Enemies…)

He gets +1 to leadership (taking him to I believe 7?) and +2 to intimidation. Oh Alpha, My Alpha.

BTW: That ability to remove the bad mnesis for Dean also grants him (Sam for sure, will clarify for next time if it includes Dean as well in this part) the ability to specifically call upon a particular being from their past. Gwon, you might not be the only one called from now on…

Jake’s: The Horn of Valhalla – this one’s pretty fucking sweet to be true.
There is an option for Jake – depending on the gnosis percentage roll he makes
5% – ODIN HIMSELF appears, and comes for a special summons of assistance.
25% – Hunnin and Muninn (Odin’s ravens) come for a significant part of the battle
70% – Three (fully shielded, weaponised, armoured, and battle ready) warriors arrive and remain with Jake (and the Pack, but at Jake’s bidding) for the entirety of a battle.

As an added bonus, he gains (likely because of Odin’s Ravens) the Mokolé Level 5 fetish of Mnesis, so he can contact his ancestors as well.
He also receives “Blink” – which is a special gift that allows him to appear behind a target.

Back into the Manticore’s Lair…
Dear old Mantikins is back!! He inquires about Lydia and Dante, and is informed that they are “Lost in a vast abyss, burning in fires to burn away hate.”

Revenant is an avatar of a mage who wants to take care of Jeremy. And not cause he has a cold. That asshat has to find his end.
The Manticore says the samurai in the mall was there to protect the avatar.

Dean tells the guys that he got to see his/Sam’s dad, and that they (others including J.W.) are out fighting the Kings and underlings as well, so that The Pack can take out the Kings once and for all.

There is discussion about whether or not the Klaive left with Dante, and the Manticore shouts “I wouldn’t let that [the Klaive leave with a never-returning character] happen, where I SENT HIM”.

There’s a discussion about Jake being the BETA, and BOOM, done. Congrats, Jake!!

Taiga is discussed. Manticore explains that he has used her to facilitate the gauntlet trials as a voice, because he was… well, I’m gonna suggest the word “annoyed”, but it MIGHT have been a touch more emphatic than that. Ty is noted as being “very helpful”, and suddenly, a polar bear covered in snow is laying in the Lair of the Manticore. CONFUSED AS ALL FUCK.


*cry cry cry* << Happy internal tears *gasp like Sally Field* THEY LIKE ME, THEY REALLY LIKE ME!!!  **remembers that they won’t put up with that silliness** *cough*

Manticore’s Blessing: ((Ty now gains this)) – there’s a gnosis roll for everyone divided by 2 for getting the blessing to begin with.

+2 Stamina
+1 Hit
+1 Damage
*I will admit, there’s more to this right now, but I want to explore these as I come across them, so I won’t just give you a ton of stats just for the sake of braggadociousness*

Near the Pack: (2 others nearby)
(the other bonuses above, plus)
+2 Subterfuge
+2 Strength
+2 Ritual Rolls

Near 3 of the Pack (or all of them)
(the other bonuses, plus)
One can focus the attention of the enemy onto themselves, while the others “hide in plain sight”

They leave the Manticore (who seems to be a bit happier now, let’s try to keep him that way, shall we?)

Head toward the Caern, Jake calls to chat with his Murder about Ohio movements with Police, CCTVs, etc. Sam calls Bobby, and Dean and Ty arm wrestle. THIS MIGHT JUST BE THE FUNNIEST Part of the night for me personally. He has 3 successes, I had 2. Damn. I lost this round.

ROADHOUSE >> this apparently is my new call to war battle cry. I’m not even gonna set that scene up. GO WATCH IT.

******FLUTE SOLO ala Sam Winchester*******Mary Had A Little Lamb********

Manticore breaks the 4th wall, and makes me giggle.

Sam and Jake have a chat about just letting him (Sam) know when he (Jake) needs some time alone. He’s cool with needing the space, and he accepts that he’s a solitary creature. Being in a pack isn’t something that comes naturally to Jake, and Sam respects that he’s not meant to change his Pack members, but to bring out and guide the best in each of them, so they flourish as the super special shiny pennies that they were meant to be; not bend to some fucked up ideal of how the Pack should be held as a dictatorship.
The idea that Jake has contrary ideals on how to not run headstrong into the fray, but would rather hold back, gain perspective, and see all the possible vantage points is going to be an incredible juxtaposition to Sam’s ongoing desire to basically be a sponge for all the bad so no one else ever feels anything hard or painful.

**Editor’s note: I seriously FUCKING LOVE these two as A/B because their characters, while both bound for goodness, have their views of what GOOD entails. I love that they are flawed and gloriously challenged, and willing to talk to one another about these issues, to find solutions that benefit rather than destroy the group’s necessity, their passion, or their fucking purpose.**

In the Caern, Taiga stops to pay her respects at the graves of two of her surrogate babies – Razzi (the only good Silver Fang ever), and Blitzer (aka Jalal).
The Pack are talking to the leader, Paul, and Tanika – the new Warder explains that the avatar will have to kill the demon, and the Caern will help. Kinfolk from the Tri-State Area will be called.

Mutt (remember him? The 16yr old who has the mental human age of a 7 year old, since he’s lived most of his life in lupine form) is called and is almost immediately scooped up by Ty, who refuses to put the puppy down. Mutt tells the Pack he’s been learning about respect, and cutlery, and beds and daily meals and friendship, and kindness.

Dean debates about giving the Jalal-Klaive (let’s just call it that, cause Blitzer decided to have his spirit live on in the sword) to Mutt, but after a discussion about where Mutt wants to be in the upcoming fights that are expected, Mutt states clearly that he wants to help defend the Caern.

Mutt cracks a joke – he’s made takeaway “doggy bags” for everyone of roast and potatoes and other goodies, and Sam tells him to do one thing for him. Mutt, you can tell, goes back into abused-puppy mode – and lowers his head. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Sam tells him to NEVER bow his head. ((And out of game, that hits someone a bit harder in the face with reality but moving on, this isn’t therapy; or maybe it is…?))

I’m purposely skipping ahead.
I made you have to go watch the car scene. TAIGA HATES CARS!!! Actually, I’ll say this: Dean. No Pants. Back Seat. Jake, it’s a good thing you’re flying.
This is such a hilarious part of the night, I’m not gonna try and do it justice. WATCH the show!

They’re at the mall, out of the car, and Jake’s checking around to see what’s going on. Sees a shimmer (glamour) around the inside fountain area – FUCKING FAE.

Ty slowly shifts into Crinos form. Yeah, she’s not afraid of this form in the slightest. And since it’s a gradual transition, she doesn’t need to spend a rage to morph instantly.

Jake calls the Druid. 
No answer.
Leaves a message: Hey.
Calls again.
Still no answer
Leaves another message: Are you ready to be a Daddy?

The Pack are inside the mall now, Dean performs Sight of True Form on the flayed dead pinned up Samurai – it is in fact a construct entity – like a scarecrow or gargoyle.
And here’s where things kind of go sideways.

The Druid DEMANDS that the Pack uphold their side of the contract that Lydia signed.
But she’s not with the Pack anymore.
Doesn’t fucking matter. Deal’s a deal. He upheld his required tasks, it is time to fix him with an heir.
Ty walks over (still in Crinos form – 18ft tall and well over a metric tonne – girl got some bootaaaay), picks the scrawny fucking Druid up by the back of his cloak and holds him, dangling. Sam finds this funny as fuck, but suggests maybe not killing him. The Druid pulls out the contract to be read fully this time, and Jake, who has a point in legal, decides to Bilbo Baggins that shit.
Meanwhile, Ty’s still holding DruidDoucheCanoe aloft, and Sam rolls an intimidation roll  DOUBLE BOTCHES, and instead of having the Druid drop to his knees before Sam, Ty drops the Druid and falls to supplication mode before SAM. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Jake is realising that Lydia fucked everyone over, not reading all the T&Cs of the contract. THE PACK is bound to provide the Druid with a MALE shifter HEIR – and must continue to do so over the course of at least three years. If the child created from the union is female, or otherwise unacceptable, the Druid has every right to destroy said child and start the process all over again. Since Taiga is the only female in the Pack, she takes the place of Lydia, and must now enter into the week-long wedding ritual.

Well, at least Ty got out of the car…

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