Character Bios: Meet the Geeky Crew!

Let’s meet the crew, shall we?

The Head Mistress and CEO of all things Geeky and fun, Sarindre (Trey R): Welcome to Geeks!
The Bacon to Her Eggs, the Incorrigible and Incomparable Elfyego (Drew R): Gamer Guy Talks About Gamer Guy Stuff

Their Best Friend and Fishing Companion, Ormir The Mad (Al): Gamer Dad Finds Time To Play
Sweet Baby Sister to the Head Honcho, Roo (Chelsea): Quick Hello from Lil Sis
SuperDuperBestie, DaneTrain (Dana): Hop Aboard The DaneTrain!
The Crocheted Recipe Maker, and Some Awesome Admin, Elyntia (Jenn): Add A Dash Of Canadian Geek, Stir Happily
The Creative Journey Leader, and Intern Supervisor, Clumsypixie (Sera): Geeky Derpy Pixie Talks Your Ear Off
Our Current Intern, Sheppard’s Pie (Trent): Here’s A Small Helping Of Sheppard’s Pie

The rest of the team: Ben K: Ben’s Opening Speech
Dina: Oh NO! Mommy’s Gonna Snap!
Ashley Z: Greetings from Azeroth!
Erik: Fry’s Victory Speech
Ed: Being Ed
Nymoia  : OOH, DnD Hotness 101
Liam: Mornin’ From Around The Globe!
Jonathon: Random Gamer Dude
Renered: Geeky Cook!
Michelle: Writin’ From Across The Pond
Martin: Hanging Out In PJs
Kali: Is This The Kaylee You Seek?
Ali: Mic Check
Roger: Tyrannodorkus
Meaghan: WoW, Meaghan
Aari: Willkommen’s Welcome Wagon
Kyle #1: Not Mario
Kyle #2: Overwatch Addict
Ryan: Introduction To Ryan’s World
Phil: New Geek On The Block
Drew M (not to be confused with Drew R): New Drew, Not Like the Old Drew
Lewis: Lewis Can’t Lose
Stevie: Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jon, Jordan
Jonny: Heeeeeere’s Jonny!
Jimmy: Baby Does Whaaa?
Belinda: Belinda’s Bold Entrance
Elin: Swedish Geek

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