Budget Idea #1: Cash Only, Please!

Each week, for the next 16 weeks, we’re going to bring you budget ideas that can save you more than just money alone.


These tips, when you combine them with the others, can give you (and your family) not just vacation money, but teaches littles financial responsibility, healthy choices, dedication and persistence leads to rewards, and even community awareness, participation, and appreciation.

These are cumulative and repetitive goals to achieve, and if you put them into your life, are honest about them, and are diligent, you’ll be delighted with the outcome. Including an overwhelmingly positive sense of self pride for your integral work ethic to help you create a healthier financial life.

The first one: $50/adult per week:

#1 catch is, other than absolute necessities, do not spend more than that for one week. This doesn’t mean don’t put gas/petrol in your car. It does mean you only have basically $10/weekday (don’t include your two days off from your “job” < in whatever role it is, even if you don’t get a break from your job, take two days where this doesn’t apply until you’re used to it!). If you get coffee and a donut and that’s on your way to work you may want to rethink what your breakfast options are, if you really want to get that bubble tea and sushi bento at lunch.

#2 catch is, you don’t get to use the money you don’t spend on the other days. You have 24hrs to spend that $10. Whatever you make change with, you don’t get to spend it again.

#3 catch is, every day, you dump that change into a jar (or container that will be able to hold a sufficient amount of change soon), and WALK AWAY. Don’t leave it sitting out, taunting and tempting you though.

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