Special NaNo Sprints – NO Timers Allowed!

Special Sprints

We are at the exact halfway point of NaNo folks.

So if you’re not sitting at 25,000+ by now, you’re likely needing a bit of motivation.

Here is a fun exercise that you can do without a timer. I know how some people get all flustered at the idea of a countdown, so instead I am giving you a word count instead.

This is one of easiest ways to fill your word count for the day. Short micro-mini stories about your characters. So, without further ado, let’s see what these are!

140 characters x2 x*** (MC – Main Character, SC – Secondary Character, TC, Tertiary Character)

EACH character in your story is going to tweet *** today. (Ignore if twitter doesn’t exist in your story)

If you have 1 MC – they tweet one time.
If you have 2 MC – they each tweet two times.
If you have 3+ MC – they each tweet as many times as you have MCs (3×3, 4×4…)
((Do this whether or not they have arrived in your book, have died in your book, etc.))

SC & TC’s each have one tweet if they have any speaking lines or pop into the scene prior to this sprint.

50 words

Write 50 words to describe what your main character(s) is/are wearing when the story starts. ONLY the clothing. Be as descriptive as possible. If you need more than 50 words, that’s great.

100 words

MC/SC/TC – write 100 words each as a “day in the life” – for all who would be of plot-worthy note.

250 words

SC/TC only – why are they in the story? Why aren’t they the main character?

500 words

MC only – describe the SC they secretly wish they could learn something from (even if it’s an enemy) and the TC who they admire (again, even if it is an enemy).

1000 words

If you could give the story from two other perspectives (choosing only from SC/TC) who would it be and WHY?

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