NaNo: Day 3

Wear pants when you hang out your laundry.

I cannot stress this enough.

What does that have to do with NaNo?


Everything in that picture was affected by my bare ass. Yeah, I may have scared the baby goats, made the squid squirt ink to blur their vision, and I’m pretty sure there are some pelicans somewhere nearby who are currently plotting my permanent swim with the fishes after having to see things no pelican has seen before.

Three things I can currently conjure up:

  1. If you get locked out of you place, you have no pants on (or a phone, because who needs to take their phone to do laundry?), you have no shoes on (because you’re on the lower back balcony of your place – I know it sounds like I’m being selfish and hoarding all the balconies, but after a lifetime living without them way too many times, I’m saying back off, get your own damn balcony <<< oh, see, this might be why I need to work on sharing…), and you have… let’s just say ‘only wearin’ a loose, breeze-blowin’ in the wind kinda oversized t-shirt’, you can’t do NaNo for awhile (it took me about 3 minutes to ponder out and put into action my full plan to storm the castle).
  2. It does make an interesting plot bunny if someone needs it if they do decide not to wear pants (because clearly this warning isn’t enough of a DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME kind of situation).
  3. Your *insert breed and species of HELPFUL CREATURE here* ((my example is my Snowshoe – Kaylee)) lays down on your open NaNo writing (Mac’s Pages – like Word for PC users or kinda sorta like OpenDoc for Ubuntu-ites or Google Docs for everyone else) and begins to type with her fuzzy ass all the pretty letters and hits the function keys and adjusts the volume and brightness and size of your screen somehow that even mere mortals have a hard time figuring out (fucking hells, I wonder how awesome she’d be at Mortal Kombat finishing moves?!?!?) and tries to delete all three days’ worth of work. HA KAYLEE HA! I have been sending the dailies to Trey, you silly minx. Wait… I lost nearly 10k of my NaNo last year and had to make it up, so I better take that taunt back. <.< You’re lucky, fuzzybum. This time.

So now I’m off to work on my 4th Assignment for the HWWF (you’ll get that… tomorrow or next Friday – I can’t remember if I’m posting my assignment or Trey is posting her last week’s tomorrow and my today’s will be next week… yeah, it sounds all convoluted, but I promise you, we’re good to go until the end of the year, so you can see our two MC’s for our NaNo (WIN) this year.

Yeah, you get to learn about them before we’re NY Time’s Best Selling Mystery Writers. ((This can’t be a jinx, because otherwise, all of the other *waves my hands at all the other stories I haven’t shared publicly* ones would have been best sellers, ’cause I didn’t prophecy that.


Anyone else ever see a word and know it is spelled write/rite/wright and still have to spell it wrongishly to see how righteristical the right one was in the first place? Yeah.

Best part of the day: Embedding special names and characters and details that only a select few will understand, while openly sharing your love of geekiness with everyone else even though they haven’t met the one character yet, they can probably guess (way too easily if they are paying attention to my stories – I think they/you should be able to figure out at least 1/2 of the character’s name). The besteristical part of the best part though, is purposely making your writing partner one of your characters and giving that character all the qualities you wish you could just tell her she is without being all weird and derpypixie.

Oh, and my other big thing of the day…

When you are writing dialogue and your one character says a word and you get sad/weird jealous moment for your other character because you wanted them to say that word first even though you hadn’t thought of using that word for that character until the other character said it? IT HAPPENS OKAY?!?! A lot more than I’d like to admit.
Maybe my characters need to go into therapy as well… Wait… do I have to talk about this in my therapy sessions? Will me dealing with my characters’ sudden odd word jealousy help me grow as a human?

I may never learn the answer to that.


See you tomorrow, but you sadly won’t see me until I figure out what the hell I did to screw up the Twitch on my OBS… It says I’m streaming but it’s a Bon Scott tribute for everyone.

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