NaNo: Day 2

*has Tyrion do his kitten kneading on my busted up old carpal tunnel left wrist*

I’d still be writing.

YES… I realise I still technically (literally as I type this) am writing for the day, but this is gonna be so short and sweet, I’m not even doing it in Pages first for a change.


*apparently a sore wrist = me throwing caution to the wind and laughing in the face of what will undoubtedly be a false sense of security that I can finish this without it disappearing on me or my silly laptop crashing like it has been doing a lot lately.* << That’s not whinging. That’s just fact. Sad fact, but fact nonetheless.

Day 2. PLOT. OOOH. Are there possible twists being set up? Foreshadowing? I’m only 29 pages in on my side of things (size 11 Trebuchet MS font, single spaced for now, because I’m not needing to waste all the trees yet and double space it – besides, I still have no ink for my printer – holy hell, whinesalotpixie!!!), and it’s starting to **EGO INSERTION** get good. Hey, I know I need to work on details. So that’s what I did today. I was working to create a storyline today that was focused on taking care of a kind of possibly maybe-ish sorta-kinda big plot piece but then again, now that I’ve said it, I might just be adding helium to a sock. Yeah, it might be fun, but ewwww smelly breath if you want a funny voice, and it could just be oversight. OOOOR… I could be tossing you a red herring about it. *shrugs*
Did I learn anything from today?

Yes. First of all, Altoids Arctic Wintergreen Mints are awesome in small doses. When you’re in a rush to get back to typing, upend a fuckton of them into your mouth and bite down – realising that you made the wrong choice and need to reverse time but the Doctor and the TARDIS won’t show up and you have to live with your decision and just get through it, DO NOT CHEW THEM FASTER. You think trying to get through it quicker will help. NO NO NO.

Let me be your human warning sign: Do not attempt this and still assume you can do basic math or logic or spelling. I legit LOVE these candies. I am pretty sure that when I’m in the checkout at the Epicurean (it’s the big Sobey’s like grocery store here in Antigua) next time, they will NOT be finding their way to the cart.

screenshot-2016-11-02-16-22-50((sadly they don’t send you a 15,000 badge email, so I’m showing this off. I think the next badge is at 25,000))

But then again, I learned on Day 1 that those horrific Twizzlers/Jolly Rancher chewy candy packs that they made for Halloween were probably created somewhere close to where Hades resides.

I’m going to ice my wrist.


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