NaNo Prep: Wrap Party Part 1

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the wonderful areas you can delve into with your writing, but since we’re now only 5 days away from the start of NaNo, I’m gonna do the right thing and give you all the pdf’s in one place.

Tomorrow, I’m going to put up a selection of Writing Prompts/Sprints that will help you through NaNo. I’m not kidding; the Harry Potter 1-2nd year storylines (which I did NOT write) helped with over 3/4 of my writing easily.

If you’re going to do NaNo, there are a few last things I want to share with everyone. There are different “types” of NaNo writers.

Rebel – someone who is going to write their own way. They will complete a story already started (wip – work in progress), or is going to do a collection (anthology, kid’s books, etc) that amount to a different # of books or words (usually under the 50,000).

50-in-5’r – this is the extreme writer ((this is the one I might try next year!!)) – 50,000words in 5 days. That’s right, you barely shower, your animals call Sarah McLaughlan, and your coffee pot goes on strike, while your bed sends you love notes to lure you to the pillows.

Pantser – the ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ writer – the one I usually am – sit down, and just write. sometimes it’s a word salad; other times, well, it’s not so delightful, and it’s closer to word vomit. But no matter what, there are words on the screen/page.

Planner – dedicated, highlighter equipped, studiously note-taking and recording scraps and fun details, this is the type of writer I wish I was, but often I have to stop my Pantsing in order to backtrack and think it through (usually maths) and that breaks momentum and critical awesome thought processes.

Percolator  – this is the newest type to be added, as it usually is a combo of both pantsers and planners combined. The Percolator is someone who slowly starts to formulate an idea in their head, and instead of doing anything with it right away, it brews and morphs and changes into what the story will become. This helps with supportive partners and friends, and has officially become “my” style. Once the idea is settled, the story is full and fresh and rich and deep and phenomenal.

Which one are you?

All the PDF’s I have created for this NaNo Prep are below:







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