NaNo Prep Party Part 2: Prompts!

This is the final (for now, don’t worry! CampNaNo is in the spring!) NaNo Prep article.

Hopefully the past few weeks has been helpful for you to flush out your characters, and get some fantastic storyline going.

The following comes with a disclaimer: I DID NOT WRITE THESE word prompts/sprints, but I can tell you THEY DO WORK for you hitting word counts.

Some people prefer a more relaxed time to write, others can handle a bit of [timed] pressure. If the story is flowing easily, it’s a quick write, right? One of these might help you.

Good luck, happy writing, and I’ll see you back here in the spring of ’17 for the CampNaNo stuff!!

**first off, I’ll give you a bit of a description**

A word crawl is where you complete a set of writing tasks that are incorporated into a storyline “crawl” of sorts. The words you write are still your own story, but you follow the “plot” of the crawl, which mixes together a lot of different writing challenges strung together with a theme. I find it easier to do writing challenges like ‘write 300 words’ or ‘do a song sprint’ when they’re part of a crawl/story I can follow.

So for instance in this crawl, when the Witches show up, you follow the bolded instructions and write 100 words per witch. The instructions in bold are supposed to present challenges that match the theme of the crawl.

This one may be confusing because unlike others, it doesn’t have you assume a character. (If it helps, just imagine you’re an audience member watching the play.) For instance, there’s a Harry Potter word crawl floating around which makes you a student at Hogwarts, doing things with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.



The concept is simple enough.  Take the person above’s three digit amount to write for yourself.  Then take the last three digits of your word count and leave that amount for the next person to write.

So if you’re word count is 32,481, you leave 481 words for the next person to write.

I’ll start this out with the last three digits from my last year’s NaNo.

Leaving: 663 words



Write as many words as you can for the length of a song (any song).






26 chapters for every letter of the alphabet, each titled by a word beginning with the corresponding letter, and the word is thematic to the chapter, so it functions as a prompt.

Draw tarot cards and use each card as a prompt for the scene/chapter. Bonus points if you do the cards in the order you drew them.

Make each chapter the same number of words. (example: 2,500)

Insert a pun into each scene or chapter, the subtler the better.

Reference a different colour each chapter.


Fifty Headed Hydra

This challenge came into existence when someone I cannot remember the name of wrote 500 words in five minutes, but the only correctly spelled words were Fifty Headed Hydra.

In this challenge, you write. Nothing else. You don’t go back to fix typos. You don’t stop to think of the right wording. You don’t tweak that weirdly worded sentence one bit. Set the text colour to the colour of your background if it helps you! Do this for five minutes. And GO for the 500 words! (or not, if you want to tweak the official goal)


now the actual PDF’s for the various Crawls/Prompts/Sprints:

Doctor Who:


Dr Horrible:


Epic Adventure:


Howl’s Moving Castle


Harry Potter – year’s 1, 2, and 3:




Lost (tv show):





Maze of Doom:


Murder Mystery:


Dragons of Pern:



Supernatural (tv show)


The Walking Dead (tv show)


Word Pictionary



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