The Choice is Yours: Three Days – Episode 1

Your phone is ringing. It’s too loud. Your head hurts. Not surprising given the fact you were drinking heavily last night. You reach over and grab it from the bedside table.

“Hello, who is this, do you know what time it is?”

Silence. Then a soft laugh.

“You know who I am.” A man’s voice, barely more than a whisper.

“Who is this?” you ask again, sitting up in bed now. You feel cold and look down. You’re still in the dress you wore out last night. You look down, dreading seeing someone lying next to you. There’s no one there, thank god.

“You’ll know who I am in three days Louise,” says the man. “In three days you’ll know everything.”

You don’t recognize the voice but the words and the tone …you feel something crawl through your scalp.

“Who are you?” you ask again, your voice shaking now. “I’m calling the police.”

“They won’t help you,” the man replies. “They never help. I’m coming Louise and in three days you’ll be dead.”

The line goes dead. You look at the phone screen. Number unrecognized.

Who was that?

You need to speak to someone but who. You think about Ben your brother. He’s always been there for you despite everything. Or maybe Kathryn, your best friend. You and she argued last night though. It was the drink. It’s always the drink.

But you need to call someone.

Will it be :

Option A: Kathryn

Option B: Ben

It’s your choice.

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