YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Episode 24

The resistance haven in New Mexico has been successfully defended after once again coming under siege by Advent forces. The aliens unleashed a weapon of war upon the haven that hadn’t been seen for some time – Chryssalids. These predatory monsters likely hadn’t shown themselves in prior operations due to their nature of indiscriminately hunting and slaughtering any human they encounter – a quality which would be detrimental in Advent’s civilian colonies.

Tygen and Shen have begun to prototype new weaponry for XCOM’s soldiers, based around the aliens’ own plasma beam technology. With the first beam rifles undergoing final checks in Engineering, Shen and Tygen return to the Shadow Chamber to attempt to access and investigate one of the recovered Codex brains. Meanwhile, the resistance has relayed coordinates for multiple Advent operations that present opportunities for a guerilla strike to disrupt them.

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