August Book Photo Challenge: Day 6: Favorite Cover

Welcome to day 6 (oops! this was supposed to release on the 6th, but there was a missed operation and it didn’t happen!) of Books & Cupcakes Book Photo Challenge! Today’s theme is “Favorite Cover”

I chose a book that I not only really enjoy flipping through, but has given me lots of inspiration for both writing and art!  It’s “The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries” by Pierre Dubois. What I like about this book is that Dubois tackles many different types of Fae but not only does he go into the myths and lore surrounding each particular critter, he also lists in the margins things like habitat; diet; customs; dress… and other things that make it almost scientific. It’s a fun book and has beautiful illustrations. It’s an excellent addition to any fairytale/fantasy library.


Hello everyone! I'm a 30-year old Middle School science teacher, which gets all kinds of reactions. When I'm not teaching, I'm either writing, playing video games, practicing violin, drawing, or reading. I've spent many hours hiking in the woods and have been known to stargaze. I live in Maryland with my awesome, supportive, and loving husband and although we don't have kids yet, my 100+ students keep me busy.