YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Episode 12

The Advent data vault has been recovered from the AO in Vancouver. Once again, the cost of the mission is the life of a soldier. Sq. Molly Turner, one of the veterans of the first war, was cut off from the squad after opting to use the insertion point as a firing position. Unable to relocate, she made a desperate two-on-one last stand against Advent soldiers, neutralizing one before being gunned down by the squad officer. Her sacrificed allowed the rest of Menace 1-5 to deal with a new threat – a living data adversary Dr. Tygen refers to as a “Codex”. With the Codex defeated, and the encryption data Dr. Tygen seeks obtained, XCOM now turns its attention to more mundane matters of war.

The Research and Engineering teams report back completion of testing on a new battlefield armament – magnetic weapons capable of accelerating alloy projectiles at bewildering speeds. These weapons are easily on par with Advent’s standard armaments. A chance to test the new magnetic rifle variant presents itself quickly, as an Advent supply train has been disabled by the Resistance and its cargo is vulnerable.

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