Opinion Piece: Why I stopped playing World of Warcraft

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about my decision to stop playing World of Warcraft.  I’ve met some amazing people within the WoW community, and I enjoy playing with them.  WoW and the community helped me through some very tough times, and I’ve previously been excited to research, report, participate, and play WoW and stream live.

With this latest expansion coming up, Legion, I’m not thrilled what so ever.  I have a few game-related reasons why I’m quitting, and also some non-gaming related incentives to quit.  And now, with this rise about Vanilla WoW and Blizzard’s responses to Nostalrius’ shut down, which was a fan-run private illegal server, I’m just a little over the hype for this expansion and game.

Game Related

OK.  I started playing in Cataclysm, and have zero clue how WoW was during Vanilla.  I vaguely remember playing a free trial back in the day, where you needed to level up your mace skill (Or weapon skill in general) by actually grinding mobs, but that is the extent to my knowledge of the “Good times”.  As a relatively new player, and busy trying to quickly level as fast as I can, I have consequently skipped a vast majority of the content that Legion’s (And WoDs) lore is based off of.  Cataclysm is my favorite expansion, and I really had fun playing.  I believe that is the most interesting lore I have been in.


So, I understand the issues about people not liking how fast we outlevel areas.  I think maybe if I hadn’t have leveled out of the questing areas I may have understood more.  Or maybe the story line isn’t as engaging as I’d like.  I do love the Undead starting area, and personally I think the Horde side has a much better developed story line than Alliance, even though horde got screwed over in WoD with some of the in game designing (Yes, I’m still made that my horde garrisons were a pile of shit and sticks compared to the Alliance side).

So it got me thinking:  I’m a casual, social player.  I found out very quickly raiding is not for me.  I do enjoy PvPing, but with a lot of my friends interested in PvP and would rather take an arrow to the knee before attempting to PvP, so it was a lonely road.  I wish I could say I’m excited for the PvP changes coming up, but I just don’t care.  I’ve had enough of the constant talks about vanilla wow and how it should be changed back – I have no clue what the hell anyone is even referring too.  So I sit here, and think to myself, with little Warcraft lore knowledge, that this last expansion, WoD and the upcoming expansions, are more geared towards the veteran players.  To me, it feels like I’m just too casual to really understand the significance of what has happened in WoD, what’s about to happen in Legion, and what it all means for Azeroth.

From a business stand point, I completely understand why Blizzard is trying to work on sorting out this business of the old players and their love of vanilla wow… Their subscription time has been down, they want to try to get old players back, more players = more money.  Plus, the internet has made it super easy to connect with Blizzard employees, and even easier to voice negative comments about a game and the company it’s created by.  A good PR department would eventually have to address the Nostalrius server situation and many complaints about WoW.

I’m not saying that Legion is going to suck, I am just not interested in it like I used to be.  The new class is Melee, there’s no new race coming, and I can’t justify paying $15 a month for a sub time that I will barely play.  With that, here’s my non-game related issues:

Real World

I graduate soon, in about a year.  That’s really soon, I’m so excited to be done with school and to get out of this broke college situation.  This means my classes are going to be more intense, faster paced, and even more stressful than what I have been used too.  And much, much, much less gaming time.

So I joined a gym.  And guess what?  It costs the same price as my WoW Subscription time.  I’m on a fixed income, so I made the executive decision, which was a hard one to come too, that I will quit playing WoW so I can focus on losing weight, lowering my stress, and focus on my family and myself.  I am sad to go, but I have no passion in the game right now, and there’s no point in playing a game that I don’t miss.

Maybe your screen shots and stories of your adventures in the new expansion (Or hell, maybe even the movie) will help reignite the passion I had for World of Warcraft.  Only time will tell.
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