Geek in the Morning: Friday March 18, 2016


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Geeky News! 

Avengers Tie in comic?

American Gods casting update!

Simon Pegg might join Ready Player One!

Games need to learn from fan fiction sites

Should Daredevil be in Avengers?

New X-Men Trailer!

Spider-mans role in Civil War?

WoW – Legion News

Freebies and Sales!

Star Wars Humble Bundle!

Releasing Today!


Coming soon to theaters March 18th –

  • The Divergent Series: Allegiant
  • Midnight Special
  • The Little Prince
  • The Bronze
  • The Program
  • Krisha
  • The Preppie Connection
  • My Golden Days (Trois Souvenirs De Ma Jeunesse)
  • Too Late
  • The Confirmation
  • Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday
  • Take Me To The River
  • Kapoor & Sons – Since 1921
  • The Brainwashing Of My Dad
  • A Space Program
  • The Birth Of Saké
  • Ktown Cowboys
  • Burning Bodhi

Releasing March 18th – 

  • Baauer – Aa
  • Boris With Merzbow – Gensho
  • Cullen Omori – New Misery [Ex-Smith Westerns]
  • Damien Jurado – Visions Of Us On The Land
  • Drinking Flowers – New Swirled Order
  • Dustin Kensrue – Thoughts That Float On A Different Blood
  • Grant-Lee Phillips – The Narrows
  • Gwen Stefani – This Is What The Truth Feels Like
  • HÆLOS – Full Circle
  • Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression
  • ILOVEMAKONNEN – Drink More Water 6 [Mixtape]
  • Jaheim – Struggle Love
  • Jordan Smith – Something Beautiful [The Voice Season 9 winner]
  • Liima – iii [Tatu Rönkkö, Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg]
  • Lust for Youth – Compassion
  • Masami Akita & Eiko Ishibashi – Kouen Kyoudai
  • Primal Scream – Chaosmosis
  • The Word Alive – Dark Matter
  • Tim Darcy & AJ Cornell – Too Significant To Ignore
  • Underworld – Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future

Have a geeky day!

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