Geek in the Morning: Friday February 26, 2016

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Geeky News! 

A flask coming with Dark Souls 3!

SMG to join the Cruel Intentions TV Show

A fancy Pokemon Party!

Will there ever be a Half-Life 3?

Some fast Hearthstone!

The Force deleted scenes!

Xbone will get Win 10 apps

WoW – Legion News

Freebies and Sales!

Horror Humble!!!

Releasing Today!


Coming soon to theaters February 26th –

  • Gods Of Egypt
  • Triple 9
  • Eddie The Eagle
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny
  • Only Yesterday
  • The Last Man On The Moon
  • Backtrack
  • Tricked
  • King Georges
  • A Country Called Home
  • Like For Likes
  • The Teller And The Truth
  • Tere Bin Laden: Dead Or Alive
  • A Strange Course Of Events
  • Aligarh
  • El Virus De La Por
Coming to DVD February 23rd –
  • Heroes Behind The Badge
  • Spotlight
  • Secret In Their Eyes
  • Entertainment
  • Extraction
  • The Girl In The Book

Releasing February 26th – 

  • Anthrax – For All Kings
  • Anvil – Anvil Is Anvil
  • Black Peaks – Statues
  • Bonnie Raitt – Dig In Deep
  • Chuck Wicks – Turning Point
  • Coastgaard – Devil On The Balcony
  • Donovan Woods – Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled
  • Eerie Wanda – Hum
  • HEARTWATCH – Heartwatch [Formerly known as The Tropics]
  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – This Unruly Mess I’ve Made
  • Matt Andersen – Honest Man
  • Odd Nosdam – Sisters
  • Pinkshinyultrablast – Grandfeathered
  • Quilt – Eliot St.
  • Sarah Neufeld – The Ridge
  • School of Seven Bells – SVIIB
  • Steve Mason – Meet the Humans [Ex-Beta Band]
  • The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
  • The Moth & The Flame – Young & Unafraid
  • The Rocket Summer – Zoetic
  • The Two Tens – Volume
  • Yuck – Stranger Things

Have a geeky day!

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