Hello and thanks for having me here at Geeks and Geeklets.

I’m Aari, a wife and mother of three living in sunny Florida that has a wild sense of humor and a huge love for coffee and Asian culture. Although I’ve been gaming since childhood on consoles I became an instant fan of MMOs when I received my first PC. As the only girl in my family and the youngest, I spent a lot of time getting lost in video games, books and movies to which I find myself repeating now that I am well into adulthood. I was a World of Warcraft player for almost 9 years until about a month ago when I decided to quit playing and dive into Final Fantasy XIV. Warcraft will always be a treasured game for me but it was becoming a task and the fun was being taken out of it which is what lead to the change to FFXIV. I also play The Sims 4, Hearthstone, League of Legends and Devilian. In fact, I tend to bounce from game to game whenever I can just to keep myself from growing tired of one game or another so, if it’s out there, I’m probably playing it.

When I’m not gaming I’m reading, doing yoga, thrifting for geekery, watching anime or baking up goodies in the kitchen with my kids. I look forward to sharing a few of my parenting hacks/tips as well as news about current and upcoming games, movies or music I find that could pose interesting for others as well. If you’d like to know more about me or get in touch with me for any reason you can always find me on Twitter or Facebook.