Kill Order

Successful team fights are a big part of winning matches in Heroes of the Storm. Winning a team fight requires teamwork, focused fire, and knowledge of your opponents.

A common mistake I see among players is understanding kill order during a team fight. First and foremost, there is ALWAYS a kill order. This fluctuates based on available crowd control (CC) and your team’s burst damage ability, but for the most part remains the same from match to match.

For example, true tanks should almost always be killed last. These would be heroes like Johanna, Tyrael, and Chen – typically, they have large hit point pools and do little damage. Do note, however, that it is vital to view your enemy team’s talent choices to see if they are choosing more tank or more bruiser talents – never assume that a warrior can’t hurt you – if they build as a bruiser, they can pack quite a wallop. When a warrior is building pure tank or mostly tank, your best bet is to CC them immediately (if they have strong CC abilities) or to just ignore them until last.

Your first priority is typically the healer. Again, this depends on talent choices and proximity – taking 6 hits from a DPS to smack the healer once is not a good decision.

(Here is another reason you should prioritize healers – they are innately evil lol)

brightwing lili

Next, you want to focus down the burst DPS heroes, such as Kael’thas and Sgt. Hammer.

Teamwork:  Make sure you are utilizing chat to prioritize kill order toward the beginning of the match. That way, you are prepared for the upcoming team fights. If possible, plan to use voice chat like Curse Voice or Teamspeak when playing Heroes of the Storm. Communication is a huge advantage.

Focused Fire:  Kill order should be discussed early, but remember – not all encounters will be 5v5. Be flexible and communicate so that all members of your team are focusing the same target. Split DPS can quickly wipe a group during a team fight.

Knowledge of Your Opponents:  Make sure you are keeping an eye on the enemy team’s talent choices. You can do this by pressing the Tab button and then clicking Show Talents.