Finding Our Family Roots Week 4

This week we’re going to try and prove what information we have by digging deeper into records available online and offline. By now we should have decided which of our family lines we want to search. We’ve downloaded our software and we’ve printed out any paper forms we want to use. Hopefully we’ve also added information to these tools so we have a guide and some direction as to what we’re looking for next. There are several ways to prove the information you’ve found. Let’s use my great grandmother for an example of how to prove our basic information. We’ll check her birth date, date of death. I opened up Family Search (because it’s free) and put my granny’s name in and the state I knew for sure she was born in. I left out the dates because I don’t trust word of mouth anymore when it comes to family history 🙂 I love my family but back then important dates were more approximate. Below are the results of my search.


So many to choose from ! When it comes to these online searches you have to become a super detective. Weed out anything that doesn’t look right at all but also make note of anything that just might work. Here is the first thing that caught my eye.


This is information about her grave is from a website called Find a Grave. I love this website !  You can find grave sites from all over the United States. The people that record this information will sometimes take pictures and add notes as well. Several times I’ve messaged the person who added the grave and asked for further information or a photo if one wasn’t already posted. Obituaries and grave markers are wonderful help when trying to prove what you’ve found ! When I followed the link to Find a Grave I found Ethel’s birth and death dates, her parent’s names and some notes from her grandson ! I was VERY excited 🙂 Now here is where things get interesting. I was not able to find her death certificate via Family Search however I did find it on Ancestry. Although I was excited to find it, it wasn’t free on the Ancestry sight. Booo ! Hiss ! Pay sites are downers for budget genealogist. Never fear ! Remember those handy Facebook groups I told you about ? I logged into Facebook and said hello to the Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness – RAOGK USA folks and posted my question. Politely and with as much information as I could offer. “Hello everyone ! I’m hoping to find more information about my (insert names, birth date, death date and location)”. These are very helpful people and fortunately for me someone posted her death certificate for me. There are SO many resources out there to help with your search. This week I encourage you to solidify the basic information you have by using Family Search and Ancestry and then using any back up options such as Facebook, online forums and Google.