Fiction Writing Friday: A Heartbeat

His heart had died, not long ago

Broken from loss and pain

He drank to keep the ghouls away

While riddled with loss and shame


As he grew colder and felt the chill

Of death without escape

A heartbeat pounded in his chest

A choice he had to make


For what happens when a life ends

Pity, we are no more

But he sat there thinking day and night

Why is living such a chore?


Where was all the joy and laughter?

Why was he so alone?

He gave his all to everyone

Which made his open heart prone


“Why should I be the one to suffer?”

He screamed while no one cared

“I gave and gave to everyone”

“Why does my love go undeclared?”


He stared at the gun and picked up the bottle

Which weighed heavy in his hands

A flash of a memory, once barren inside

The weapon feeding him commands

He left the room with no remorse

And stepped over limbs and pools

A smile flashed across his face

For he was no longer the fool

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I am a 29 year old from Pennsylvania. I am married to a wonderful husband and we have two children both named after super heroes! A girl who is 4 and a boy who is 1. Most of my time is spent working, being a mom, and gaming.