Week 14 in Review (Finale Interview) – Sera’s #100days of Fitness

Just want to start off by saying that I have been incredibly overwhelmed by the support, encouragement, kindness, and love given to me over these last #100days. I’m currently on day #96 (I added a couple as I was so sick last week and didn’t feel I should end on a bad note).

thank you

motivational penguin

And to those {many!} of you who have started on your own path to change your life, I am applauding you and giving you delighted cheers of encouragement as you step/leap/run into the new perspective of how you will journey through this world.


I asked a few incredibly dear and supportive women if they had five questions they could give me as my “exit interview” so to speak… Luloo (Lucy), Ping (Amanda – my sweet lil’ overachiever gave me two extra just in case), and Dobas (Deb) have all stepped up to offer their queries of this end of my journey.

I promise you’ll enjoy the answers, as I’m going to be revealing some things in here that might come as a surprise to some, and a Sherlockian “I knew it!” kind of chuckle out of others.

Luloo’s questions:

1. Now that you’ve come to the end of your #100days, looking back, what was the most challenging element for you?

Honestly, the first thing I really wished I could have had was the actual weight/measurements/starting photo of my highest weight/largest size while I was in Halifax or even Winnipeg. I think the results (now) would seem a bit more staggering, but as this is for me, and I’m merely sharing this journey with everyone, I have to admit that this would be a slightly self-serving and selfishly vain reason. I’m okay knowing how far I have come from only being able to walk 40 steps before needing a 5 minute break to cool down. Last Saturday, the hubs and I walked over 20,000 steps (6.49miles/10.44km). I was tired, but happy with the day’s adventure. Not breaking down in tears when I am absolutely delighted with myself for losing more inches and lbs/kg/stones, especially in public I guess is the “most challenging” part now.

2. Is there one specific day that stands out for you in anyway, and why?

Quite a few come to mind.

June 1, as it was day 1, and I was petrified that I wouldn’t ever get motivated enough to do what I really truly wanted to.

July 1 (Happy Canada Day!) – but seriously, it was because I had finished that first month. I was so proud. Sure, I hadn’t had massive achievements or walked very far, but I WAS by the end of June, walking every day.

gallifreyan text with my motto "it has to be better tomorrow"

Gallifreyan text with my motto “it has to be better tomorrow”

Day 48 – As it was a dual wielding awesometastically phenomenal day. I started the gym (crunch fitness) and I went for my 50 day tattoo consult.
(Bound For Glory, Dave Borjes, Staten Island, NY)

Day 50 – My tattoo. Yup. That happy time is still makin’ me smile, every time I look down to my left, and see it smiling back up at me from my upper arm area.

Day 75 – WHOOHOO freakin’ HOO! I am at day 75 baby!!! I didn’t do all that much for the day, but I was delighted and internally cheering for myself.

Day 90 – That was a dual-happy day for me as well. Not only am I now in the final 10 days of this, it was my 1 year anniversary of buying Minecraft and meeting a group of people I absolutely adore for the most part. Some of them, like Ping, have become rewards of friendship that I could never have anticipated, but cherish and delight in even more than my tattoo.

3. If someone came to you saying that they would like to follow in your footsteps, what do you think is the best advice you could give them to help them on their way?

Be honest to yourself first and foremost. Do it for yourself. If you’re not ready to do it properly, and you are only wanting the recognition without the hard work, you’re doing it for the wrong reason(s) and you will ultimately fail. I’ve had one person already do a pseudo-100days type thing, and actually tried to blame me for “not helping with proper guidelines and support.” They ‘quit’ after the first week, and promptly posted a dramatic commentary of how others make them “eat their feelings” to get by. UH… nope, sorry, that’s on you. Aaaaaand…  moving on.

There are currently 8 (now 11 as I am writing this up on Sunday, as three others are about to start as well!!!) others that are on their own journeys that I am aware of, and each one of them has enough … cojones to take responsibility for their own actions. **No, I’m not going to call that person out by name, just saying with the good comes the not-so-good as well.** — I’ve had to deal with a few instances of outside negativity (people on the street, snide remarks, etc.), but maybe I’ll leave that for next week’s discussion. I haven’t wanted to focus on that, because it isn’t about them. It’s on me. I’m not doing this to make the cover of some magazine. I want to be able to let my hubs sleep through the night not waking up to check if I’m still breathing from an apnea-related issue. I want to walk to the store for milk without having to rest and get a stitch in my chest. I want to see my 41st birthday, let alone my 90th or greater.moderation

Do I eat bacon and chocolate and pie and ice cream and pork chops and, and, and …? YES.

But m-o-d-e-r-a-t-i-o-n is the key.

I make breakfasts for me and the hubs on the weekends (though the rare time he will jump in the kitchen and do something wonderfully tasty!) – and I’ll cook up 4 slices of bacon between us, CUT IN HALF – so we still have 4 slices each, with the eggs and the toast. However as I had said long ago, I’ve never been a big eater. I want to see the next phase and be happily delighted and share the good news with everyone.

4. After doing this, what have you learned about yourself and what will you take away from this experience?

Oh my, that might fill a book on its own! Hahaha!
Seriously though, there are certain things I have been hearing bang around in my head more often as the days go on.

Perseverance. Resilience. Determination. Adapting. Focused. Encouraged. Accepting. Brave. I want to see what the future holds for adventures, and I am excited for the first time in (most) of my life, to see the day dawn for what is coming next.

I am determined to have the next … well more on that in a bit, but suffice to say, I have goals and objectives I am starting to set up, in order to propel me even further than my current achievements (though spectacular) can have me reach. I will reach my new goals as well.

5. What’s next for our beloved Clumsypixie?

I guess this is as good a time as any to announce that I’m going to be setting a pretty lofty set of new goals.

most interesting Kaylee in the kitchen, just chillin

Most interesting Kaylee in the kitchen, just chillin’.

From Sept 9-22, I’m going to be just “lifing” – I’ll still be keeping track of things, but it’s not for anyone’s benefit at that point to know other than myself.

Starting Sept 23, running all the way to Dec 31 (yup, that’s another #100days!), I’m going to be on a powerful new journey.

1 million steps.

I want to do that so much, I want to be stronger, and more focused on actual inches/weight/size goals, and working toward those in the manner that I’ve spent the last (currently 96) days instilling into my body.

I am now eating three meals a day. I’m sleeping wonderfully. I have stamina to do minor things, from washing dishes and making dinners, to walking all over Manhattan and up and down subway staircases…

June, July, and August steps total

June, July, and August steps total – #100days PT2 is gonna be intense!!

Three reasons I’m going to do #100days PT2 … well, four – though one is a continuation of this current #100days… To change my life and make tomorrow better.

The other three:
1) Get my body ready for my scuba life ahead… which means at some point, I need to get my happy backside back into a pool.
2) Drop the weight so I have even more stamina and agility and abilities to do things, including even maybe running (but that one I want to leave as a **POSSIBLE** – depending on my weight loss and my knees).
3) Be fit enough, so that when 2016 starts, the adventures we are planning (the hubs and I and the others in our wonderful circle of loved ones) will be a delight instead of a challenge. I want to do a special one in Paris, France in particular, though I’m not sure if I will be able to… I’d absolutely see it as a success if I can climb the 704 steps up the Eiffel Tower (the “second floor”). I want to do this so badly.

from their website

From their website – 704 STEPS!!!! 😮 #pixiegonecrazy

After that, I will know I can do anything I put my mind to, and though it’s a lofty goal, especially considering that just over 4 months ago, I wasn’t walking more than 200 steps in an entire day (and that’s generous!), another 4 + months might just put me in the right frame of mind and body to do not only that and feel accomplished, but do it with a bit of speed or even enjoyment too!

There will probably be other things I want to add to this as it goes along, but #1millionsteps isn’t about the monetary rewards this time – though I do want my Clumsypixie tattoo and my scuba diver certificate out of this coming #100days, but other than that, no set rewards are expected right now.

Ping’s questions:

1. How many personal goals did you set, and how many have you met?

Honestly, this #100days was more just for me to get healthy, learn how to eat three meals a day, and get active, so I am able to make the “smart choices” and move on with my new lifestyle. I feel I succeeded very well on all three points.

rah rah rah!

rah rah rah!

2. Do you think the rewards helped you proceed with meeting goals?

I think initially I needed those little checkpoints, but as it has been going on, I haven’t been looking for rewards so much as looking forward to the weigh-ins and the stat checkups. Those have become their own rewards of sort, as they are the honest and unflinchingly real markers of how far I’ve come.

3. What is one thing you regret during this journey?

That I didn’t have a scale from day one. I know they are “just numbers”, but those numbers mean the difference between possibly having a shorter lifespan full of complications and health problems versus being active late into my senior years, enjoying the adventures and shenanigans I can get up to as long as I can!

quilter's tape4. Were you ever surprised by your progress during this journey?

Yes, quite honestly, that I would lose (so many) inches the way I did. I bought a 120″ measuring tape, because I was afraid the 60″ regular one wouldn’t be long enough.

I was happily delighted that I never needed more than the 60″ ever.

5. What are a few of your goals for your next 100 days?

I have a set of possible end weight goals: honestly, if I’m down to 260lb (only 26lb to go for that milestone) by the end of the year – though I think I can probably do even better than that – I will be elated.

If I can get to 201lb, I would probably lose my mind with delighted happiness, as that’s over 100lb in a year, but I’m not quite that Delusionalpixie … I think a happy goal would be 260 at the top end, and anything under that will be the happy surprise.

6. How do you feel about inspiring others?cheering hedgie

It’s something I’m still trying to get used to in this situation. I’m used to being a role model/surrogate auntie to many, though that’s usually my words or support and encouragement and nothing that I’m physically doing for myself as a guide or role model.

I wasn’t expecting the amount of support, let alone be a voice to have others want to rally and follow and challenge themselves with lifestyle changes. I think this has become one of the best rewards though, as I was wanting to share my story to bring people a little bit of happiness in what can very easily become a negatively charged life. Not to be Boastfulpixie, but I wanted to give others hope if they were depressed, that there CAN BE a way out of the darkness.

That old cliche applies – if I can do it, anyone can. I had been in such an incredibly depressive state for so long (years) that it was taking its toll on me, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Being able to bring a voice to that, and help someone who isn’t able to see a patch of sunlight right now for themselves, is why I wanted to share this #100days.

Seeing so many others become inspired and starting, posting, and delighting in their rewards, stats, their accomplishments… these have brought endless smiles to my face, and I want to hug everyone even more.

7. Did you hit any bumps or snags on this journey? (and if any how did you overcome them?)

When I first realised that several of the exercises I was doing were hurting my knees, instead of helping them, I was shaken by that. I was determined to not let that get the best of me though, and that was when I started to increase my walking.

Getting sick this last week was horrible! I felt like I lost days, and I wanted to finish so strong! *Grumpypixie* Then I started to feel better on day 4. That NEVER happened before. I’ve had a compromised immune system all my life – but this was something that threw me to the deep end of reality. I’m healthier than I have been in my entire adult life, and I am showing that in my recovery time. It’s now day 6 of my cold, but last night I didn’t wake once with a coughing fit, and the night before, was only 3 short bursts. Tuesday, when I head back to the gym as usual, I’ll probably be back to being able to do full cardio again. This healthy thing… it’s got some awesome power-up abilities. I’m usually sick for weeks on end, and the minor cold for some flourishes into bronchial pneumonia. Not anymore though, it’s almost out of my system. A new reward: with healthy changes, comes a stronger, better, more equipped immune system. GO ME!

rainbow of noms

Dobas’ questions:

1.) What are some of the most important gems of advice you would give to someone who is just starting their mission of 100 days (or any endeavor toward healthier living)?

I’m gonna say it again: be honest with yourself. If you’re not, it’s not going to work.

Set reasonable goals – this first #100days for me has been setting up a way of life that I can fully function in, and be happy with. I eat bacon and eggs and ice cream and potato salad… I just don’t eat them every day. hop to it

Moderation. If you have an issue with portions, stop using large “dinner” plates. Go to the next size down. Don’t go back for seconds. What goes on your plate shouldn’t overflow the sides, and YOU DO NOT have to eat everything on your plate if you are full. This “waste not/want not” mentality we have in North America is destructive. Take smaller portions. Chew slower. Savour the food.

GET UP and take 10 more steps, and then ten more.

2.) You have supported yourself with rewards and recognition of your achievements.  Tell us the significance of what this has meant to your success.

At first, these were checkpoints to cheer about; visual reminders of the positive influence I was having on myself. As the weeks progressed however, the rewards became less about the physical (monetary) rewards, and more about the milestones and accomplishments that I was changing in my own body.

Don’t get me wrong, the toys and hair dye and tattoo and other goodies are lovely reminders, but I don’t think I’ll be needing so many visual clues as to “being better” in this upcoming #100days #1millionsteps journey.

3.) Did you have a vision of getting this far?  Do you have a vision now of what the next 100 days may bring you?

Getting healthy was the only goal – broken into three areas – sleep better, eat three meals a day, and get active. I did it. success

The next #100days – I have set goals for weight and definitely steps (1 million at least!) – though there might be more as the days wear on toward the end of the year.

4.) Has there been any obstacle that has been hard to overcome in the first 100 days?

My own self doubt – that’s the worst. I refused to look at the Before/After pics (I will be showing everyone in a little bit – yeah, scroll on down if you’re unable to wait.) because I didn’t think I was going to see any changes happening.

5.) What one thing are you most proud of that stands just above the rest of your fantastic accomplishments?

That everything I set out to do, I did with honesty, integrity, and above all else: FOR MYSELF. I have never felt prouder of myself than I am as I sit here writing this. I KNOW how far I’ve come in a year – two – twenty years… I know what baggage I’ve carried all my life, and I’m finally shedding it with each happy tear that drops down my cheeks. I did it. I achieved exactly what I wanted to, and SO MUCH MORE. I have gained friendships, and inspiration from and to others, and I am encouraged in this #100days so much, I just have to do a hundred more.

STATS: (done in lbs [pounds] and ” [inches] for convenience)

end of week neck chest bust waist hips weight
1 18.5 48 53.5 54.5 60 n/a
2 18.5 48 52.5 54 58 n/a
3 18.25 47.5 51 52.5 57.5 n/a
4 18 46.5 51 52 57 n/a
5 18 45.5 50.5 51 56.5 n/a
6 17.75 44.5 49.5 49.5 54.5 n/a
7 17.75 44.5 49.5 49 54.5 n/a
8 17.5 44 49 48.5 53.5 301
9 17.25 44 49 48.5 53.5 299
10 17 43.5 48 47.5 53.5 297
11 17 43 47.5 46 53.5 296.5
12 16.75 42.5 46.5 46 51.5 293.5
13 16.75 42 46 45.5 51.5 290
14 16.5 42 46 44.5 51.5 286

Overall changes:

neck chest bust waist hips weight
2″ 6″ 6.5″ 10″ 8.5″ 15lbs **

** Day 48 I started at the gym – had my first weigh-in then, so I don’t know prior to that. **

and now… the big reveals.

i can has drumroll plz

Face changes

LT (Sep 5/15) - RT (Apr 13/15)

LT (Sep 5/15) – RT (Apr 13/15)

Body changes –

and just keep in mind, that many females wear less than this at the beach, and though it’s not a bikini, it is covering all the private bits.

LT June 2 RT Sep 6

LT June 2 RT Sep 6

LT June 2 RT Sept 6

LT June 2 RT Sept 6

I know I still have a long way to go, but to see that much positive change in myself in just #100days, has brought me an overpoweringly high swell of pride and determination.

I’m not depressed anymore.

I’m not scared to walk outside and be laughed at. I’m not afraid of what will happen.

It has to be better tomorrow.

One final thing…

Thank you for going on this walk with me.

I hope you’re looking forward to the next journey… I’ll tell you all about it in next weekend’s blog post.

Happily stumbling sideways through life, always hoping for a better tomorrow.
Sera Merrin
twitter: @theclumsypixie
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