52 Shades of Fitness – Week 4

This week’s main focus is sleep.  I know, I know, I know, it may seem silly but not getting enough of it will have negative effects on you and your body.



Sleep, why is it SO important?

Numerous studies have been done on sleep and there’s a boat load information on how negative no getting enough sleep can be.  For this week’s 52 Shades of Fitness post, I won’t be shoving facts in your face; instead let’s just have an open conversation about how it affects us personally.

It’s no secret I have a lot going on – I started a new University, I move out this weekend, my daughter is transitioning from being at home with mom 24/7 to daycare, building my clientele for my new Photography Businesses, homework, laundry, cooking; the list goes on an on.  What’s the first thing to be crossed off of my to-do list?  Sleep.

I wish I had that many arms.

I wish I had that many arms.

I have bags under my eyes, I look like hell, I’m more blunt and basically pretty much unapproachable when it comes to strangers.  I have zero energy or desire to work out or focus on making those healthy decisions.  I am looking for easy, and what is easy? Fast food.  Lots and lots of fast food – mainly McDonalds and Taco Bell. Pop is my go-to during the day hit of energy.  Two-three cups of coffee in the morning just to make it to noon.

Lack of sleep means I’m an emotional mess. It’s  been four days since I’ve gotten more than 4 hours of sleep – Here comes the insomnia at night (Thanks, pop! Thanks Oreo Cookies at 11pm!), and even with Xanax to help cope with my Insomnia, it doesn’t work.  It just makes me more groggy and a potato.  Yes, I feel like a potato.

I'm a potato!

I’m a potato!

Let’s be real: I’ve gained weight and I haven’t worked out in like a week.  However, I have made some killer recipes from Pinterest that I plan on sharing with you – simple, quick, easy, and HEALTHY! (Yes! I managed to squeeze two home made dinners in this past week that are healthy).  That’s a positive I’m counting in my book!  Another fantastic positive: I AM STILL WALKING EACH DAY! I have been trying to increase my walking speed while on campus as well.  My legs are feeling it this morning!

Jelly legs

Goals for this upcoming week:

  1. No more fast food
  2. Get to sleep earlier
  3. Continue working on cutting out pop

So, enough about my lack of sleep and chaotic life, tell me how your week of fitness went!  Tweet us @GGeeklets or comment below! I would love to hear more about your week.  Until next week,


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