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Coloring Pages: Leapfrog Rabbit
March 6, 2019 | No Comments

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The Last Guardian Review
February 13, 2019 | No Comments

Originally posted 2017-03-29 17:00:54.

The Last Guardian is one of the most bittersweet games I’ve ever played in terms of an overall experience. Team Ico’s latest adventure…

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Iron Fist Season One Review
February 13, 2019 | 1 Comment

Originally posted 2017-03-28 20:00:20.

Iron Fist Season One Review
Parental Rating: TV-MA
Grade: C+
Length: 13 Hour Long Episodes

Synopsis(No Spoilers):

Rounding out Marvel’s quartet of superheroes, Netflix has at last unveiled the…

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WoD Episode 37 Recap PT 1: Enter Remy
February 13, 2019 | 1 Comment

Originally posted 2017-03-28 17:00:05.

Mini recap of 36:
Pizza Pixie and the worst matchmaking Corax plot out how to retrieve the amulet, the Druid lets the Pack know what…

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